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The following list of cliffhangers gives a brief summary of each televised cliffhanger.

Doctor Who[]

First Doctor[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

  • The Smugglers
    • Episode 1 - Pike affirms that the Doctor will talk, whatever it takes.
    • Episode 2 - Pike and the Squire corner Ben in the church crypt, and the Squire raises his pistol.
    • Episode 3 - Kewper falls dead, a knife in his back, and Polly screams as a gunshot rings out.
    • Episode 4 - The Doctor informs his companions they have arrived at the coldest place in the world.
  • The Tenth Planet
    • Episode 1 - A group of soldiers sent to investigate the TARDIS are killed by Cybermen.
    • Episode 2 - The radar technician in Snowcap detects a Cyber-Fleet heading for Earth.
    • Episode 3 - The countdown for the Z-Bomb launch reaches zero.
    • Episode 4 - The Doctor regenerates into a new body.

Second Doctor[]

Season 4 (continued)[]

  • The Power of the Daleks
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor, Ben and Polly have discovered a pair of dormant Daleks. Polly then screams as something moves across the floor.
    • Episode 2 - A Dalek, just revived, announces, "I am your servant!", drowning the Doctor's protests that it should be destroyed.
    • Episode 3 - The three Daleks chant that "they will get their power".
    • Episode 4 - Lesterson finds a production line mass-producing Daleks.
    • Episode 5 - The Dalek army leaves to embark on a full scale slaughter, chanting "Daleks conquer and destroy!"
  • The Highlanders
    • Episode 1 - Crossing the darkened moor, Polly falls into a pit and is threatened by someone with a dagger.
    • Episode 2 - Trask throws a body over board, and tells the prisoners that's the only way they'll get off the Annabelle.
    • Episode 3 - Ben is tied up and thrown into the firth, and the stool comes up empty.
  • The Underwater Menace
    • Episode 1 - Polly is about to be injected to become a fish person.
    • Episode 2 - Thous betrays Ramo and the Doctor to Zaroff and his guards.
    • Episode 3 - Professor Zaroff shoots Thous and his guards, exclaiming "Nothing in the world can stop me now!"
    • Episode 4 - En route to Mars, the TARDIS is thrown off course.
  • The Moonbase
    • Episode 1 - A Cyberman appears in the medical bay of the Moonbase.
    • Episode 2 - A Cyberman gets off a bed in the sickbay and advances on the Doctor, Ben, Polly, Jack Hobson, Charlie Wise and Bob Anders.
    • Episode 3 - The Cybermen exit their spaceship and begin to walk across the surface of the Moon towards the Moonbase.
    • Episode 4 - The Doctor turns on the TARDIS's time scanner. Polly gasps as a large crab-like claw comes into view on the scanner.
  • The Macra Terror
    • Episode 1 - Medok spots a Macra lurking in the shadows.
    • Episode 2 - The Controller is pulled off screen by a Macra claw.
    • Episode 3 - A Macra comes to life and approaches Jamie while he is being bombarded by gas.
  • The Faceless Ones
    • Episode 1 - A Chameleon is revealed.
    • Episode 2 - The Chameleon Control Room is filled with gas and locked, with the Doctor still inside.
    • Episode 3 - With the touch of a button, an entire airplane crew vanishes.
    • Episode 4 - In space, the plane docks with a vast, orbiting satellite.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor and Nurse Pinto are menaced by Chameleons.
    • Episode 6 - The Doctor tells Jamie that the TARDIS has been stolen.
  • The Evil of the Daleks
    • Episode 1 - Breaking into Edward Waterfield's study, Kennedy tries to open a safe. A Dalek appears, demanding go know who Kennedy is.
    • Episode 2 - The Dalek leader demands that there will be no delay.
    • Episode 3 - Kemel confronts Jamie.
    • Episode 4 - Jamie falls for the Daleks' trap.
    • Episode 5 - The Daleks play a game with the Doctor.
    • Episode 6 - The Dalek Emperor tells the Doctor that he will spread the Dalek factor throughout Earth's history.

Season 5[]

  • The Tomb of the Cybermen
    • Episode 1 - Haydon is shot in the back by a Cyberman.
    • Episode 2 - The Cyber-Controller crushes Klieg's arm, telling the others that "You belong to us. You shall be like us."
    • Episode 3 - Klieg fires a Cyber-gun at the Doctor.
  • The Abominable Snowmen
    • Episode 1 - A Yeti breaks Jamie's sword and advances on him and Victoria.
    • Episode 2 - The control sphere of a Yeti comes to life.
    • Episode 3 - A Yeti menaces Victoria.
    • Episode 4 - Victoria encounters Padmasambhava.
    • Episode 5 - The Great Intelligence grows in strength.
  • The Ice Warriors
    • Episode 1 - Varga, the Ice Warrior, begins to move.
    • Episode 2 - Varga begins to revive four other frozen Ice Warriors.
    • Episode 3 - Varga and Zondal prepare to shoot Victoria.
    • Episode 4 - Varga begins reducing the air pressure in the air lock that the Doctor is in.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor struggles with Zondal for control of the sonic cannon.
  • The Enemy of the World
    • Episode 1 - Bruce encounters "Salamander".
    • Episode 2 - Salamander informs Denes that Fedorin will be the chief witness against him.
    • Episode 3 - Bruce realises that someone is impersonating Salamander.
    • Episode 4 - Bruce arrives to arrest Kent, the Doctor and Astrid.
    • Episode 5 - Astrid discovers a heavily injured Swann outside a tunnel entrance.
    • Episode 6 - Salamander is sucked out into the time vortex and the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria begin to be sucked out after him.
  • The Web of Fear
    • Episode 1 - The army detonate a pile of explosives on the tube platform, not realising the Doctor is next to them.
    • Episode 2 - Jamie and Evans are approached by the web.
    • Episode 3 - Travers discovers Weams' body and is attacked by the murderer — a Yeti.
    • Episode 4 - Yeti attack the Goodge Street laboratory, and Travers appears behind them.
    • Episode 5 - The wall of Goodge Street laboratory caves in, and a mass of fungus spills into the laboratory.
  • Fury from the Deep
    • Episode 1 - Locked in the oxygen room, Victoria sees a tendril coming out of the vent.
    • Episode 2 - Van Lutyens says that "it's in the darkness, waiting".
    • Episode 3 - A possessed Maggie Harris walks into the sea until she is completely submerged under the waves.
    • Episode 4 - The Doctor says the "Battle of giants" has begun.
    • Episode 5 - Robson emerges from the foam.
  • The Wheel in Space
    • Episode 1 - Bennett orders the X-Ray laser to destroy the Silver Carrier rocket with the TARDIS still onboard.
    • Episode 2 - The Cybermen come out of their pods.
    • Episode 3 - Vallance and Laleham are cornered by two Cybermen and are mind-controlled by the Cybermen, who tell the men to obey them.
    • Episode 4 - The Doctor and Jamie are cornered by a Cyberman.
    • Episode 5 - Travelling to the Silver Carrier, Jamie and Zoe see the meteors heading towards them.

Season 6[]

  • The Dominators
    • Episode 1 - Two Quarks ask Toba whether they should destroy the Doctor and Jamie.
    • Episode 2 - The Quarks fire upon the Dulcian survey unit, with Zoe and Cully still inside.
    • Episode 3 - A smiling Toba is informed that the Dulcian museum in which Jamie and Cully were taking cover in has been destroyed.
    • Episode 4 - Toba tells his prisoners that they will die one by one unless they reveal where Jamie is. The Quark kills Balan, and the Doctor is next in line.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor reacts in horror as the island he and his companions are situated on erupts, and lava flows towards them.
  • The Mind Robber
    • Episode 1 - The TARDIS breaks apart and the Doctor's companions are left floating in nothingness.
    • Episode 2 - A unicorn charges at the Doctor and his companions.
    • Episode 3 - Zoe tries not to look at Medusa.
    • Episode 4 - Jamie and Zoe are crushed by a giant book.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor ponders whether he, Jamie, and Zoe will truly escape the Land of Fiction or simply vanish along with it.
  • The Invasion
    • Episode 1 - The Cyber-Planner is revealed.
    • Episode 2 - The Doctor and Jamie are captured by Packer.
    • Episode 3 - Jamie encounters an automated cocoon.
    • Episode 4 - A Cyberman emerges from its cocoon.
    • Episode 5 - Jamie, Zoe and Isobel are trapped between an insane Cybermen and two other Cybermen.
    • Episode 6 - The Cybermen come out of the sewers and storm London.
    • Episode 7 - The Cybermen plan to use a Megatron bomb to destroy Earth.
  • The Krotons
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor is attacked by a snake-like creature.
    • Episode 2 - The Krotons subject Jamie to a mental probe. One of the Krotons says he is not a "high brain" and the power will kill him.
    • Episode 3 - A massive rockfall occurs and some of the rubble falls on the Doctor.
  • The Seeds of Death
    • Episode 1 - Locke is discovered by an Ice Warrior, which kills him.
    • Episode 2 - The homing beacon for the rocket carrying the Doctor and his companions is cut off.
    • Episode 3 - Slaar T-Mats a seed down to Earth Control in London.
    • Episode 4 - An Ice Warrior advances on Zoe as she begs Fewsham for help.
    • Episode 5 - A seed pod near the Doctor begins to expand.
  • The Space Pirates
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are trapped inside Space Beacon Alpha Four as it explodes.
    • Episode 2 - Jamie is shot by Milo.
    • Episode 3 - Chased through tunnels on Ta, the Doctor and his companions fall into a black pit.
    • Episode 4 - In Madeleine's office, she pulls a gun on Milo. Caven comes in, and when Joe Sorba tries to attack him, guns him down. Caven asks if anyone else wants to die like a hero.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor is caught in the blast of the lift off of LIZ 79.
  • The War Games
    • Episode 1 - A World War I firing squad prepare to shoot the Doctor.
    • Episode 2 - The Doctor and his friends are attacked by a group of Roman soldiers.
    • Episode 3 - The Doctor and Zoe are trapped inside a SIDRAT.
    • Episode 4 - Zoe is held at gunpoint by Carstairs.
    • Episode 5 - Jamie and a group of resistance soldiers are shot down.
    • Episode 6 - The SIDRAT's dimensions shrink in on the Doctor, Carstairs and Jamie.
    • Episode 7 - The Doctor is captured by a War Lord squad.
    • Episode 8 - The Doctor seemingly betrays Jamie, Zoe and the rest of the prisoners to the War Chief and the War Lords.
    • Episode 9 - The Doctor and his companions escape the base and try to get back to the TARDIS but their movements are slowed down as the Doctor tries to unlock and open the TARDIS doors.
    • Episode 10 - The Time Lords exile the Doctor to Earth and force him to regenerate.

Third Doctor[]

Season 7[]

Season 8[]

  • Terror of the Autons
    • Episode 1 - Hypnotised, Jo begins to open a crate containing a bomb.
    • Episode 2 - The two policemen the Doctor and Jo meet are revealed to be Autons.
    • Episode 3 - The telephone cord near the Doctor comes to life and starts to strangle him.
  • The Mind of Evil
    • Episode 1 - The Keller Machine activates and makes the Doctor believe the room he is in is on fire.
    • Episode 2 - Captain Chin Lee takes the form of a dragon and advances on Senator Alcott.
    • Episode 3 - The Keller Machine gives the Doctor hallucinations of his old enemies.
    • Episode 4 - The machine closes upon Jo and the Doctor.
    • Episode 5 - Harry Mailer pulls a gun on the Doctor, and a gun fires.
  • The Claws of Axos
    • Episode 1 - An alien advances on Jo.
    • Episode 2 - The Doctor, Jo and Filer are surrounded by Axons.
    • Episode 3 - The Master plans to destroy Axos, with the Doctor and Jo still onboard.
  • Colony in Space
    • Episode 1 - An IMC robot advances on the Doctor.
    • Episode 2 - Morgan sends the IMC robot to kill the Doctor, coolly stating that "the monster" is about to claim another victim.
    • Episode 3 - Jo is kidnapped by the Uxariean primitives and taken to their forbidden city.
    • Episode 4 - The Master draws a gun on the Doctor and Jo, announcing they're about to become victims of "stray bullets".
    • Episode 5 - The Master prepares to use his watch to kill the intruders inside his TARDIS.
  • The Dæmons
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor, trapped inside a collapsing tunnel, appears to be frozen.
    • Episode 2 - Bok prepares to attack the Doctor and Jo.
    • Episode 3 - Azal is summoned for the second time.
    • Episode 4 - Azal is summoned for the third and final time.

Season 9[]

  • Day of the Daleks
    • Episode 1 - The Daleks declare that the guerrillas will be exterminated.
    • Episode 2 - A Dalek materialises nearby the Doctor.
    • Episode 3 - The Daleks prepare to exterminate the Doctor.
  • The Curse of Peladon
    • Episode 1 - Grun pushes a statue onto the delegates.
    • Episode 2 - King Peladon reluctantly sentences the Doctor to death.
    • Episode 3 - Arcturus and Ssorg draw their weapons and open fire.
  • The Sea Devils
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor and Jo are attacked by an unknown creature.
    • Episode 2 - The Master throws a dagger at the Doctor's head just as he turns his back.
    • Episode 3 - A Sea Devil emerges from the sea.
    • Episode 4 - The diving bell with the Doctor in it comes up empty.
    • Episode 5 - Preparing to go to negotiate with the Sea Devils, the Doctor's path is blocked by an attacking Sea Devil, who raises its gun.
    • Episode 6 - The Master escapes custody.
  • The Mutants
    • Episode 1 - Ky takes Jo with him to the transmat, and the Marshal's men fire on them.
    • Episode 2 - Varan grabs the Doctor by the neck, crying, "Die, overlord!"
    • Episode 3 - The Marshal starts gassing the cave, sealing the Doctor, Jo, Stubbs and Cotton inside.
    • Episode 4 - The Marshal blows a hole in the Skybase, launching Varan into the vacuum of space.
    • Episode 5 - Thaesium begins flooding into the room Jo, Cotton and Ky are imprisoned in.
  • The Time Monster
    • Episode 1 - The Master overloads TOMTIT, calling for Kronos.
    • Episode 2 - The Master brings Krasis into the Newton Institute.
    • Episode 3 - The Doodlebug strikes Captain Yates' team, intercepting the TARDIS they were carrying.
    • Episode 4 - Kronos eats the Doctor, and the Master lets the Doctor's TARDIS drift in the time vortex with Jo inside.
    • Episode 5 - A Minotaur approaches Jo.

Season 10[]

  • The Three Doctors
    • Episode 1 - The Third Doctor and Jo are transported away by an anti-matter organism.
    • Episode 2 - The anti-matter organism takes the TARDIS and UNIT HQ to the anti-matter universe.
    • Episode 3 - Omega gains the upper hand over the Doctor and prepares to kill him.
  • Carnival of Monsters
    • Episode 1 - A giant hand grabs the TARDIS.
    • Episode 2 - The Drashigs pursue the Doctor and Jo.
    • Episode 3 - The Doctor escapes the miniscope, collapses and begins the grow to his normal size.
  • Frontier in Space
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor and Jo are accused of being stowaways.
    • Episode 2 - Ogrons, disguised as Draconians, break into the Doctor's cell and order him to leave with them.
    • Episode 3 - The Doctor and Dale realise that Cross has tricked them.
    • Episode 4 - The Master signals the Ogrons.
    • Episode 5 - The Master attempts to hypnotise Jo.
    • Episode 6 - The Doctor is shot by The Master. He manages to stagger into the TARDIS and deliver a message to the Time Lords warning them of the Daleks' plan, before collapsing lifeless to the floor.
  • Planet of the Daleks
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor and the Thals discover an invisible Dalek.
    • Episode 2 - Rebec informs Taron that there are 10,000 Daleks on Spiridon.
    • Episode 3 - The Doctor and the Thals attempt to escape the Daleks using a hot air balloon.
    • Episode 4 - Vaber is captured by the Spiridons.
    • Episode 5 - A Dalek spots a disguised Taron's booted foot.
  • The Green Death
    • Episode 1 - The Doctor struggles to stop the lift Jo is on, as it tumbles down at high speed.
    • Episode 2 - Giant maggots emerge from the tunnel wall.
    • Episode 3 - A maggot creeps up on Jo.
    • Episode 4 - BOSS is revealed.
    • Episode 5 - Yates turns to find Stevens standing behind him, gun drawn.

Season 11[]

  • The Time Warrior
    • Part 1 - Linx removes his helmet, revealing his face.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor escapes his mind control, but is caught by Irongron, who raises his axe.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor attempts to negotiate with Linx, but Linx fires upon him.
  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs
    • "Invasion" - A dinosaur approaches the jeep the Doctor and Sarah are in.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor, with his sabotaged stun gun, is approached by a T-Rex.
    • Part 3 - Sarah finds herself on a strange spaceship, and is told by Mark that she has been on it for three months.
    • Part 4 - Finch tries to frame the Doctor, who he knows will not support their plans. He brings the Brigadier to the Doctor, catching him in the act as a new time eddy starts up.
    • Part 5 - The Doctor encounters another time eddy and is faced by more dinosaurs.
  • Death to the Daleks
    • Part 1 - The Daleks emerge from their spaceship and prepare to kill the Doctor and the Marine Space Corps.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor encounters a Metallic root in the underground caves of Exxilon.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor and Bellal encounter a trap in the Great City of the Exxilons.
  • The Monster of Peladon
    • Part 1 - The "spirit" of Aggedor kills Blor.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor and Sarah are thrown in the pit of Aggedor.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor gets the refinery door open, revealing an Ice Warrior.
    • Part 4 - The sonic lance explodes, killing Ettis, and supposedly, the Doctor.
    • Part 5 - Azaxyr sends Sskel to the refinery; when he reaches it, the Doctor, Gebek and Sarah are already inside. He begins to blast the door. Two other Ice Warriors join him while the Doctor works furiously at the controls.
  • Planet of the Spiders
    • Part 1 - A spider appears among the meditators.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor looks on in surprise: Rex Lupton has vanished from the hovercraft.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor staggers towards the TARDIS but collapses lifeless only millimetres from it.
    • Part 4 - Sarah Jane Smith despairs, as guards follow the Doctor close behind as he enters the "larder".
    • Part 5 - Barnes, Moss, Land and Keaver electrocute Tommy.
    • Part 6 - The Doctor regenerates into his fourth incarnation.

Fourth Doctor[]

Season 12[]

  • Robot
    • Part 1 - K1 approaches Sarah.
    • Part 2 - K1 knocks out the Doctor and prepares to kill him.
    • Part 3 - K1 threatens to kill all the UNIT soldiers with its disintegrator gun.
    • Part 4- Harry enters the TARDIS as it dematerialises.
  • The Ark in Space
    • Part 1 - While trying to revive Sarah from suspended animation, a mummified Wirrn falls on Harry.
    • Part 2 - Libri is killed by Noah, who is transforming into a Wirrn.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor is approached by Noah, his Wirrn metamorphosis complete.
    • Part 4 - The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry beam down to Earth to fix the transmat receptors of Nerva Beacon.
  • The Sontaran Experiment
    • Part 1 - The alien reveals himself to be a Sontaran.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry head back to Nerva.
  • Genesis of the Daleks
    • Part 1 - Sarah witnesses Davros testing his first Dalek.
    • Part 2 - Sarah falls from the scaffolding she is climbing.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor is trapped by an electrified fence.
    • Part 4 - Davros tortures Harry and Sarah to make the Doctor talk.
    • Part 5 - A Kaled mutant tries to strangle the Doctor.
    • Part 6 - The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry head back to Nerva.
  • Revenge of the Cybermen
    • Part 1 - Sarah is attacked by a Cybermat.
    • Part 2 - The Cybermen board the station and shoot down the crew.
    • Part 3 - Harry begins to unbuckle the Doctor's explosive harness.

Season 13[]

  • Terror of the Zygons
    • Part 1 - A Zygon grabs Sarah from behind.
    • Part 2 - Broton orders the Skarasen to destroy the Doctor.
    • Part 3 - The Zygon ship rises out of Loch Ness and flies away.
  • Planet of Evil
    • Part 1 - A monstrous figure advances on the Doctor and Sarah.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor is attacked by the creature and falls into the pit.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor and Sarah are loaded into the ejection trays and the lever is thrown.
  • Pyramids of Mars
  • The Android Invasion
    • Part 1 - Sarah is observed by an alien.
    • Part 2 - Sarah's face falls off to reveal an android duplicate.
    • Part 3 - The G-force begins to crush the Doctor and Sarah.
  • The Brain of Morbius
    • Part 1 - Sarah, in Solon's castle, discovers a headless body hidden by a curtain.
    • Part 2 - Sarah, now blind, hears a voice and heads towards it. When in the room, a voice declares that she is one of the Sisterhood of Karn.
    • Part 3 - Sarah's eyesight returns as Morbius rises behind her.
  • The Seeds of Doom
    • Part 1 - Winlett, almost completely transformed into a Krynoid, strangles Moberly.
    • Part 2 - The Generator Hut explodes, causing the Antarctic base to explode as well.
    • Part 3 - Harrison Chase prepares to have Sarah transformed into a Krynoid.
    • Part 4 - The Krynoid kills Dunbar and the Doctor and Sarah arrive, and the Krynoid prepares to attack them.
    • Part 5 - Chase locks the Doctor, Sarah, Scorby and Henderson outside his mansion with the Krynoid.

Season 14[]

  • The Masque of Mandragora
    • Part 1 - The Doctor kneels down to be decapitated.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor is attacked by the helix energy and Sarah is accosted by the Brethren.
    • Part 3 - Hieronymous obliterates Federico with an energy blast.
  • The Hand of Fear
    • Part 1 - The fossilised hand of Eldrad comes to life.
    • Part 2 - The reactor core begins to go critical.
    • Part 3 - Eldrad is hit by a dart.
  • The Deadly Assassin
    • Part 1 - The Doctor seemingly shoots the President.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor's foot is caught in the train tracks as a train rattles towards him.
    • Part 3 - Goth attempts to drown the Doctor.
    • Part 4 - The Master escapes in his TARDIS.
  • The Face of Evil
    • Part 1 - The Doctor discovers a cliff with his own face carved into it. Leela tells him that this is the Evil One.
    • Part 2 - A phantom kills Andor.
    • Part 3 - Inside "Sacred Heart" of the Mordee expedition ship, Xoanon attacks the Doctor, questioning who Xoanon is.
  • The Robots of Death
    • Part 1 - The Doctor is trapped in a hopper as sand pours down on him.
    • Part 2 - Toos cries out that the sandminer is going to explode.
    • Part 3 - A corrupted Voc strangles the Doctor.
  • The Talons of Weng-Chiang
    • Part 1 - A giant rat scurries towards the Doctor and Leela.
    • Part 2 - Mr Sin approaches Leela with a knife.
    • Part 3 - A giant rat attacks Leela.
    • Part 4 - Magnus Greel escapes, having stolen the time cabinet, howling into the night.
    • Part 5 - Magnus Greel attacks Leela and she pulls his mask off, revealing his disfigured face.

Season 15[]

  • Horror of Fang Rock
    • Part 1 - A ship crashes into Fang Rock.
    • Part 2 - Reuben is heard screaming.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor realises he has locked the creature in with them.
  • The Invisible Enemy
  • Image of the Fendahl
    • Part 1 - The Doctor is unable to run from the creature about to consume him.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor writhes in pain as he touches the Fendahl skull.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor, Leela and the Tylers find they can't move their legs as a Fendahleen advances towards them.
  • The Sun Makers
    • Part 1 - The Doctor is locked up, and some kind of gas strikes him.
    • Part 2 - Leela, Cordo, and Bisham are surrounded by the guards.
    • Part 3 - Leela is on the brink of steaming.
  • Underworld
    • Part 1 - The R1C is being turned into a small planetoid.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor is gassed.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor and Leela are crushed.
  • The Invasion of Time
    • Part 1 - The Doctor is attacked by the Matrix.
    • Part 2 - The Vardans arrive.
    • Part 3 - Andred prepares to kill the Doctor.
    • Part 4 - The Sontarans reveal themselves, drawing their guns.
    • Part 5 - Kelner throws the Doctor's TARDIS into a black star by reversing its stabiliser banks.

Season 16: The Key to Time[]

  • The Ribos Operation
    • Part 1 - The Doctor and Romana are trapped with a waking shrivenzale.
    • Part 2 - The Graff orders the Doctor and Romana's execution on the spot.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor gives away his presence by sending a skull clattering to the floor, as the Graff declares nobody will know how he tried to trick him.
    • Part 4 - The Doctor and Romana collect the first segment of The Key to Time and the Doctor states "Only five more to go".
  • The Pirate Planet
    • Part 1 - The Mentiads strike the Doctor down with telepathic energy.
    • Part 2 - Fleeing from the Captain's guards, the Doctor and Romana run into a group of Mentiads.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor is thrown from the plank.
  • The Stones of Blood
    • Part 1 - An unseen figure that Romana recognises as the Doctor pushes her over a cliff.
    • Part 2 - Vivien Fay causes Romana to dematerialise.
    • Part 3 - Vivien destroys the Doctor and Romana's link back to Earth, stranding them.
  • The Androids of Tara
    • Part 1 - The Doctor, drugged, collapses.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor seemingly strikes at Romana's head.
    • Part 3 - Grendel recaptures Romana.
  • The Power of Kroll
    • Part 1 - The Swampies prepare to sacrifice Romana to Kroll.
    • Part 2 - Kroll begins to smash its way inside.
    • Part 3 - Kroll rises to the swamp's surface.
  • The Armageddon Factor
    • Part 1 - The TARDIS is revealed to have disappeared.
    • Part 2 - Two figures in masks trap the Doctor.
    • Part 3 - The Marshal prepares to attack Zeos.
    • Part 4 - The Shadow proclaims that he will capture the Key to Time.
    • Part 5 - Drax shrinks the Doctor.

Season 17[]

  • Destiny of the Daleks
    • Part 1 - Romana is cornered by two Daleks.
    • Part 2 - Davros reawakens from his sleep.
    • Part 3 - The bomb counts down to zero.
  • City of Death
    • Part 1 - Count Scarlioni removes his face, revealing his true appearance.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor encounters Captain Trancredi, who appears to be identical to Scarlioni.
    • Part 3 - Scarlioni displays the success of his experiments by ageing Professor Kerensky to death.
  • The Creature from the Pit
    • Part 1 - The Doctor jumps into the Pit.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor faces the creature, which engulfs him.
    • Part 3 - Torvin and Edu place a pentagon on the creature.
  • Nightmare of Eden
    • Part 1 - A Mandrel attacks The Doctor.
    • Part 2 - The Doctor and Romana jump into Eden.
    • Part 3 - The Doctor disappears from the ship.
  • The Horns of Nimon
    • Part 1 - The Doctor realises an object with the mass of a planet is on a collision course with the TARDIS.
    • Part 2 - The Nimon kills the co-pilot and approaches Romana and the Anethans.
    • Part 3 - Soldeed aims his spear at the Doctor.

Season 18[]

  • The Leisure Hive
    • Part One - The Doctor enters the Tachyon generator to investigate, but when an alien turns the generator on, the Doctor appears to be torn limb from limb.
    • Part Two - The Doctor exits the generator, but he has aged hundreds of years.
    • Part Three - A Foamasi approaches Brock and pulls off his face — revealing it is just a mask and that "Brock" is really a Foamasi.
  • Meglos
    • Part One - Meglos traps the Doctor and Romana in a chronic hysteresis and then makes himself look like the Doctor.
    • Part Two - Lieutenant Brotadac prepares to have Romana killed.
    • Part Three - The Tigellans prepare to drop a large stone slab on the Doctor.
  • Full Circle
    • Part One - The Marshmen rise from the swamp.
    • Part Two - Romana gets bitten by a spider.
    • Part Three - Romana (possessed by Marshmen) opens the emergency exits so the Marshmen can get in.
  • State of Decay
    • Part One - Bats attack Romana and the Doctor.
    • Part Two - The Doctor and Romana find the Great Vampire and Aukon.
    • Part Three - Zargo and Camilla close in on Romana and Adric to feast on them.
  • Warriors' Gate
    • Part One - A Gundan readies its axe for the Doctor.
    • Part Two - A Tharil approaches Romana.
    • Part Three - The Doctor and Romana are teleported from the Tharils' past into the present at the Gateway.
  • The Keeper of Traken
    • Part One - The Consuls and Fosters prepare to shoot the Doctor and Adric.
    • Part Two - The Doctor, Adric, and Tremas are trapped by a net.
    • Part Three - The Melkur becomes the new Keeper of Traken
    • Part Four - The Master steals the body of Tremas and renews himself before escaping as Nyssa comes looking for Tremas.
  • Logopolis
    • Part One - The Doctor realises the Master is on Earth while seeing the shrunken bodies of a policeman and Tegan's Aunt Vanessa.
    • Part Two - The TARDIS shrinks due to the Master.
    • Part Three - The Doctor forges an uneasy alliance with the Master.
    • Part Four - The Doctor regenerates into his fifth incarnation.

Fifth Doctor[]

Season 19[]

  • Castrovalva
    • Part One - The Master sends the TARDIS hurtling towards the big bang.
    • Part Two - Nyssa and Tegan discover the Doctor has vanished.
    • Part Three - The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa discover the Master has trapped them in a spacial loop.
  • Four to Doomsday
    • Part One - Enlightenment and Persuasion have transformed into the drawing Tegan sketched for them
    • Part Two - Bigon reveals to the Doctor that beneath his face and chest there is just a mass of electronic circuits. Holding up a printed circuit connected to his chest, he states "This is me".
    • Part Three - On Persuasion's orders, the Doctor is forced to his knees and one of the Greek androids raises his sword to decapitate him.
    • Part Four - Nyssa collapses lifeless in the TARDIS.
  • Kinda
    • Part One - Hindle states that he has the power of life and death over everyone.
    • Part Two - The Doctor begins to open the box and Todd screams.
    • Part Three - The Doctor and Todd turn to find Panna dead.
  • The Visitation
    • Part One - Mace, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa return to find the Doctor. However, they find no Doctor and a figure locks the door behind them.
    • Part Two - The Doctor and Mace are forced to their knees as a villager raises a scythe to decapitate them.
    • Part Three - The controlled Mace holds a gun on the Doctor as Tegan prepares to open a cage full of plague-infected rats.
  • Black Orchid
    • Part One - Ann Talbot is menaced by a disguised figure.
  • Earthshock
    • Part One - The Cyber-Leader orders the destruction of all life forms in the cave.
    • Part Two - The Doctor and Adric discover dead bodies with familiar-looking wounds. Ringway enters, stating that the people of the freighter execute murderers.
    • Part Three - An army of Cybermen escape from storage inside the freighter's hold, marching onwards.
    • Part Four - Adric is killed when the freighter crashes to Earth.
  • Time-Flight
    • Part One - The Doctor is attacked by Plasmatons.
    • Part Two - Kalid reveals himself to be the Master.
    • Part Three - The Doctor, trapped along with his friends, fears the worst: the Master has finally bested him.

Season 20[]

  • Arc of Infinity
    • Part One - Maxil shoots the Doctor.
    • Part Two - The Doctor is terminated.
    • Part Three - Omega takes control of the Matrix.
  • Snakedance
    • Part One - Tegan is possessed by the Mara.
    • Part Two - The Mara possesses Lon.
    • Part Three - Lon orders the Doctor, Nyssa and Chela to be killed.
  • Mawdryn Undead
    • Part One - Turlough prepares to kill the Doctor.
    • Part Two - Mawdryn reveals his pulsing brain.
    • Part Three - The Doctor reveals that to allow Mawdryn and the other Mutants death, he must give up his remaining regenerations.
  • Terminus
    • Part One - Olvir reveals to Nyssa and the Doctor that they are on a plague ship.
    • Part Two - Valgard strangles the Doctor.
    • Part Three - The Doctor realises that "the process" will destroy the Universe.
    • Part Four - The Black Guardian says to Turlough that he has one more chance to kill the Doctor.
  • Enlightenment
    • Part One - The Doctor and his companions discover that they are on a "space ship".
    • Part Two - Turlough jumps overboard.
    • Part Three - Wrack places the focusing crystal in Tegan's tiara.
  • The King's Demons

Season 21[]

  • Warriors of the Deep
    • Part One - The Doctor falls into the reactor pool, and Turlough says he must be dead.
    • Part Two - Tegan is trapped under some debris, and the Doctor tries to help her, but Vorshak seals off the airlock. They are trapped in the airlock with the Myrka.
    • Part Three - The Sea Devils kill Nilson. Sauvix then tells the Doctor it is his turn.
  • The Awakening
    • Part One - The Doctor reveals the Malus.
  • Frontios
    • Part One - The Doctor discovers that the TARDIS had been destroyed, and all that is left of it is the hatstand.
    • Part Two - The Tractators use a force to draw the Doctor toward them.
    • Part Three - The machine enters the cavern carrying Captain Revere, whose mind is connected to the machine's controls.
    • Part Four - The TARDIS is drawn into a time corridor.
  • Resurrection of the Daleks
    • Part One - A Dalek appears via the time corridor and prepares to exterminate everyone.
    • Part Two - Stien is revealed as a Dalek agent.
    • Part Three - Davros declares that his new Daleks will be the supreme beings of the Universe.
Resurrection of the Daleks was originally transmitted as two episodes, but recorded as four.

Sixth Doctor[]

Season 21 (continued)[]

  • The Twin Dilemma
    • Part One - Hugo Lang prepares to shoot the Doctor.
    • Part Two - Peri watches the Safehouse on Titan III explode, with the Doctor seemingly still inside.
    • Part Three - Azmael tells the Doctor that, if necessary, they must leave Peri to die.

Season 22[]

Production shifts to a 45-minute episode format.

Season 23: The Trial of a Time Lord[]

25-minute episodes resume.

  • The Mysterious Planet
    • Part One - The Velyard suggests that the Doctor is put on trial for his life.
    • Part Two - The Doctor and Peri are cornered between the tribe and the security robot.
    • Part Three - Merdeen raises his gun and shoots the Doctor.
    • Part Four - The Valeyard declares that the court will demand the Doctor's life..
  • Mindwarp
    • Part Five - The Doctor is placed into the mindwarp machine to be tortured and have his mind probed.
    • Part Six - Yrcanos threatens to kill the Doctor.
    • Part Seven - In the evidence footage, Dorf, Peri and Yrcanos are shot and fall to the ground, seemingly dead. Back in courtroom, the Doctor, watching this in horror, claims that he cannot be blamed for this, but the Valeyard insists he can.
    • Part Eight - The Doctor discovers Peri is dead, and demands to know why he was brought to the station.
  • Terror of the Vervoids
    • Part Nine - Edwardes is electrocuted as he tries to enter the hydroponics chamber, and Mel screams as the pods come to life in front of her.
    • Part Ten - The Doctor and Mel discover a Vervoid hybrid, who opens her eyes.
    • Part Eleven - The Doctor proclaims that the ship is being piloted towards the black hole.
    • Part Twelve - The Doctor is accused of genocide.
  • The Ultimate Foe

Seventh Doctor[]

Season 24[]

  • Time and the Rani
    • Part One - Mel is trapped in a bubble by the First Rani, which is about to explode.
    • Part Two - The Doctor is cornered by the Tetraps, who are determined to eat him.
    • Part Three - The Doctor is trapped inside a mind extraction machine with Mel powerless to help.
  • Paradise Towers
    • Part One - The Chief Caretaker orders the Doctor to be killed.
    • Part Two - Mel is held prisoner by Tilda and Tabby.
    • Part Three - Kroagnon possesses the Chief Caretaker as the Doctor is grabbed by a cleaner.
  • Delta and the Bannermen
    • Part One - After betraying Delta to the Bannermen, Keillor prepares to shoot the Doctor and Ray.
    • Part Two - The Doctor goes to leave with Mel and Burton, but then the Bannermen pull their guns on him.
  • Dragonfire
    • Part One - The Doctor slowly slips down his umbrella, into the chasm beyond.
    • Part Two - Kane proclaims that his victory is at hand.

Season 25[]

Season 26[]

  • Battlefield
    • Part One - A knight in full armour greets the Doctor as "Merlin".
    • Part Two - Ace is trapped in an airtight container which begins to fill with water.
    • Part Three -Mordred declares that Ace and Shou Yuing have no chance against Morgaine and the Destroyer.
  • Ghost Light
    • Part One - Ace finds two aliens in the cellar.
    • Part Two - Control, followed by Light, appear.
  • The Curse of Fenric
    • Part One - The Doctor and Ace are surrounded by Russian soldiers.
    • Part Two - Haemovores rise from the sea. Meanwhile, as the Ultimate Machine translates the runes, Millington declares that the Doctor is "too late".
    • Part Three - Judson, possessed by Fenric, declares that his "game" against the Doctor has resumed.
  • Survival
    • Part One - The Doctor, on the Cheetah World, is greeted by the Master.
    • Part Two - Ace's eyes glint with the symptoms of the Cheetah virus.

Children in Need[]

  • Dimensions in Time
    • Part One - The Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan are pursued by the Rani's menagerie.

Eighth Doctor[]

Mini-episode (2013)[]

Ninth Doctor[]


Comic Relief[]

Series 1[]

Tenth Doctor[]

Children in Need[]

Series 2[]

Series 3[]

Children in Need[]

Animated mini-series[]

  • The Infinite Quest
    • Episode 1 - After destroying Baltazar's ship the Doctor and Martha leave in the TARDIS as Baltazar (riding Caw) vows revenge.
    • Episode 2 - Caw tells the Doctor to find all the chips to the Infinite. After the Doctor leaves Caw is revealed to still serve Baltazar.
    • Episode 3 - Captain Kaliko orders her crew to kill the Doctor and Martha.
    • Episode 4 - Swabb orders the oil rigs to attack Kaliko's ship.
    • Episode 5 - The Doctor and Martha travel to Myarr and are attacked by a swarm of flies.
    • Episode 6 - The Doctor finds out the enemies of the Mantasphids.
    • Episode 7 - A fleet of Earth ships attack the Mantasphid city.
    • Episode 8 - The Doctor and Martha travel to Volag-Noc and are captured.
    • Episode 9 - Gurney reveals he is not the governor of Volag-Noc and someone cuts through the door of his office.
    • Episode 10 - Martha chases Gurney to the TARDIS and Baltazar flies towards them.
    • Episode 11 - Baltazar forces the Doctor to send the TARDIS to the Infinite and then shoots him.
    • Episode 12 - An illusion of the Doctor prepares to attack Martha.

Series 4[]

2008-10 Specials[]

Animated mini-series[]

Eleventh Doctor[]

Series 5[]

Comic Relief[]

  • Space - The TARDIS materialises inside itself, trapping the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in a space loop. Just as the Doctor begins pondering how to escape this situation, a second Amy exits from the innermost TARDIS, and claims "this is where it gets complicated".

Series 6[]

Series 7[]

2013 Specials[]

Twelfth Doctor[]

Series 8[]

Series 9[]

Series 10[]

  • Smile - The Doctor and Bill find themselves on the Thames in front of an elephant, instead of back at St Luke's University.
  • Thin Ice - The prisoner within the vault begins eerily knocking to get out.
  • Oxygen - The Doctor reveals that he is now blind.
  • Extremis - Missy is revealed to be in the Vault, the Doctor must prepare for a battle against the Monks after receiving a message from his Shadow World self, even though he is still blind.
  • The Pyramid at the End of the World - The Doctor gets his eyesight back, but the Monks now have control over Earth.
  • World Enough and Time - The Master and Missy stand by Bill, who has been converted into a Mondasian Cyberman.
  • The Doctor Falls - The Doctor attempts to hold off his regeneration, refusing to change once again. In the distance, another voice is heard, also seemingly having trouble coming to terms with an impeding change. The Doctor calls out to this voice, and as the owner comes into view, it is revealed to be the First Doctor.
  • Twice Upon a Time - A newly regenerated Doctor takes a look at herself before the TARDIS explodes and shakes out of control. As she's falling onto Earth below, the TARDIS takes off without her.

Thirteenth Doctor[]

Series 11[]

Series 12[]

  • Spyfall
    • Part One - "O" reveals himself to have been the Spy Master all along and has the front of the plane blown up while revealing "everything that [she] think she know[s] is a lie". He has the Kasaavin teleport the Doctor away whilst Yaz, Ryan and Graham remain on the crashing plane.
    • Part Two - The Doctor tells her companions of her backstory while capitulating on what the Master had told her.
  • Fugitive of the Judoon - The TARDIS alerts the Doctor to three dangers across three different continents, prompting her, Graham, Ryan and Yaz to take off to investigate them.
  • Can You Hear Me? - The Doctor has the brilliant idea to go to the time of the creation of Frankenstein and, with her friends' approval, she takes off.
  • The Haunting of Villa Diodati - The Doctor hands over the Cyberium to Ashad despite her friends' protests. They then leave to stop the huge war in the future that is about to commence. (*NOTE: Unusual to the normal set up, this cliffhanger is placed during the last scenes of the battle with the villain rather than the last scenes of the episode*)
  • Ascension of the Cybermen - A portal to Gallifrey in ruins opens, and the Spy Master jumps through revealing that "everything is about to change". Meanwhile on a war carrier ship, Ashad awakens a new army of Cybermen who attempt to gun down Graham, Yaz and the other resistance members.
  • The Timeless Children - The Doctor is ambushed by the Judoon inside the TARDIS, who teleport her to a maximum security facility in space.

Series 13: Doctor Who: Flux[]


Series 1[]

  • End of Days - Jack hears the TARDIS materialising and leaves the Hub.

Series 2[]

  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Before teleporting away, Captain John Hart says to Jack, "I found Gray", a foreshadowing for the finale. Jack, clearly disturbed by this revelation, orders the rest of his team to get back to work.
  • Reset - Owen is shot, and the team unsuccessfully try to revive him. They realise their teammate is dead.
  • Fragments - After facing a bomb trap in a warehouse the Torchwood team are contacted by Captain John Hart, who reveals he planted the bombs and shows Jack his brother Gray.

Series 3[]

Series 4[]

The Sarah Jane Adventures[]

Series 1[]

Series 2[]

Series 3[]

Series 4[]

Series 5[]