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The following is a list of future releases. All future releases from Big Finish Productions can be found on a separate page.

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Doctor Who Edit

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BBC Audio Dramas Edit

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Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
The Nightmare Realm[6] Jonathan Morris 12th 5 November 2020

Beyond the Doctor Edit

Title Author Featuring Released
Sleeper Agents[7] Paul Magrs Ben, Polly 7 May 2020
The Kairos Ring[8] Stephen Gallagher Romana 2 July 2020
Bessie Come Home[9] Paul Magrs 3 September 2020

Audiobooks of novelisations Edit

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Novels Edit

Target novelisations Edit

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No. Title Author Doctor Featuring Based on Released
* Dalek[20] Robert Shearman 9th Rose, Adam, "Metaltron" Dalek 23 July 2020[20]
* Resurrection of the Daleks[20] Eric Saward 5th Tegan, Turlough, Daleks, Davros Resurrection of the Daleks
* Revelation of the Daleks[20] 6th Peri, Daleks, Davros Revelation of the Daleks
* The Pirate Planet[20] James Goss 4th Romana I, K9 Mark II The Pirate Planet
* The TV Movie[20] Gary Russell 8th Grace, the Master, Seventh Doctor Doctor Who
* The Witchfinders[20] Joy Wilkinson 13th Yaz, Ryan, Graham, King James The Witchfinders
* The Crimson Horror[20] Mark Gatiss 11th Clara, Vastra, Jenny, Strax The Crimson Horror

The New Adventures of Iris Wildthyme Edit

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# Title Writer(s) Release date
1.2 The Hugh Mann Factor[21] Ian Potter May 2020
1.3 The Vampire Mutations[21] James Bojaciuk December 2020
1.4 The Mermaid Manace[21] Selina Lock May 2021

Lethbridge-Stewart Edit

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Title Writer(s) Release date
Children of the New World[22] Andy Frankham-Allen
Other Wars, Other Worlds[23] Robert Mammone
The City of Dr Moreau[24] Andrew Allen
Domination Game[25]

Bloodlines Edit

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Title Writer(s) Release date
An Ordinary Man[26] Andy Frankham-Allen and Tim Gambrell
The Hobo Kostinen Mysteries[27]

Counter-Measures Edit

Title Writer(s) Featuring Release date
Birds of Passage[28] J Frank Andreas Ian, Allison, Rachel, Bill Bishop, Anne Bishop 2020
Birds of Prey[28] 2021

Erimem Edit

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Title Type Writer(s) Release date
The Final Frontier[29] Novel Iain McLaughlin
Age of Anarchy[29] Novella
Never Die Twice[30] Novella

The Chronicles of Mars Edit

Title Type Writer(s) Release date
A Pharaoh of Mars[31] Novel Jim Mortimore
Goddess of Mars[31]
Legions of Mars[31]

Others Edit

Anthologies Edit

Others Edit

Cwej: Down the Middle Edit

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Title Author Featuring Release date
A Bright White Crack[36] Hunter O'Connell 2020
Fountain of Youth[36] Jeffrey Koval
Flickering Flame[36] Andy Lane Iris Wildthyme[37]
Hearts of Gold[36] Sam Maleski
Infinity[36] Matthew Sychantha
Judy Collins vs Christopher Cwej[36] Rachel Redhead Judy Collins
In the Loop[36] James Wylder
Ring Theory[36] Charles Whitt
Crushing Reality[36] James Hornby
The Weasels and the Warpfield[36] Simon Bucher-Jones
When I Remember ___[36]
The Mushroom at the End of the Universe[36] Greg Maughan
Collective Unconcious[36] Michael Robertson
Soft Target[36] Vince Stadon
The Eternal[36] Evan Forman
The Ursine Brood[36] Gerard Power
Cwej and the Thief[36] James Wylder
The Aftermath[36] Hunter O'Connell
The V Cwejes[36] Tycho McPhee Letts
Vignettes of an Uprising[36] Charles Whitt
Rebel Rebel[36]

Graphic novels Edit

Reference books Edit

The Black Archive Edit

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# Title Writer Release date
40 The Underwater Menace[39] James Cooray Smith April 2020[39]
41 Vengeance on Varos[39] Jonathan Dennis
42 The Rings of Akhaten[39] William Shaw
43 The Robots of Death[39] Fiona Moore May 2020
44 The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang[39] Philips Bates June 2020
45 The Unquiet Dead[39] Erin Horáková July 2020
46 The Awakening[39] David Powell August 2020
47 The Stones of Blood[39] Katrin Thier September 2020
48 The Tenth Planet[39] Michael Seely October 2020
49 Arachnids in the UK[39] Sam Maleski November 2020
50 The Day of the Doctor[39] Alasdair Stuart December 2020
50A The Night of the Doctor[39] James Cooray Smith
51 The Deadly Assassin[39] Andrew Orton January 2021
52 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos[39] James F McGrath February 2021
53 The Hand of Fear[39] Simon Bucher-Jones March 2021
54 Dalek[39] Billy Seguire April 2021
55 Invasion of the Dinosaurs[39] Jon Arnold May 2021
56 Vincent and the Doctor[39] Paul Driscoll June 2021

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DVD / Blu-ray / Steelbook Edit

The Collection Edit

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Season UK release date US release date Webcast promo
Season 14[42] 20 April 2020 2020 The Home Assistants of Death?!

The Doctors Edit

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Title Release date
Heroes & Villains![43] 1 June 2020

Others Edit

Others Edit

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Cwej: The Series Edit

  • After Cwej: Down the Middle, several more books are to be released in the series including novellas, anthologies and a choose-your-own-adventure book at a rate of at least four within five years.[47]

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