This is a list of actors who have reprised their roles from televised Doctor Who or one of its spin-offs in Big Finish Productions audio stories.

Ralph Watson as Captain Knight holds the record for the longest time between debut on television and reprisal of the role at Big Finish. The character's debut in the first part of The Web of Fear in 1968 and return in The Web of Time in 2019 for The Diary of River Song: Series Six were separated by over fifty-one years.

In contrast, David Bradley as the First Doctor holds the record for the shortest time between debut and reprisal. In 2013, Bradley played William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time but did not officially appear as the Doctor until the cliffhanger in the closing moments of The Doctor Falls on 1 July 2017. He appeared on audio on Christmas Day that year in The First Doctor Adventures: Volume One, the same day as his first full television appearance in Twice Upon a Time, less than six months since his television debut.

The Doctor Edit

Actor Character Stories First story Last story
Tom Baker Fourth Doctor 79 Destination: Nerva (2012) Collision Course (2019)
Peter Davison Fifth Doctor 126 The Sirens of Time (1999) Nightmare Country (2019)
Colin Baker Sixth Doctor 146 The Sirens of Time (1999) Brightly Shone The Moon That Night (2019)
Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor 126 The Sirens of Time (1999) Collision Course (2019)
Paul McGann Eighth Doctor 142 Storm Warning (2001) Day of the Master (2019)
David Tennant Tenth Doctor 10 Technophobia (2016) Collision Course (2019)
John Hurt War Doctor 12 The Innocent (2015) The Enigma Dimension (2017)
David Bradley First Doctor 8 The Destination Wars (2017) An Unearthly Woman (2019)

Recurring characters Edit

Actor Character Stories First story Last story
Carole Ann Ford Susan Foreman 23 Auld Mortality (2003) E is for... (2019)
William Russell Ian Chesterton 22 The Transit of Venus (2009) The Fifth Traveller (2016)
Maureen O'Brien Vicki Pallister 18 Frostfire (2007) Daybreak (2019)
Peter Purves Steven Taylor 30 Mother Russia (2007) Daughter of the Gods (2019)
Jean Marsh Sara Kingdom 9 Home Truths (2008) The Sontarans (2016)
Anneke Wills Polly Wright 20 Resistance (2009) The Home Guard (2019)
Frazer Hines Jamie McCrimmon 41 Helicon Prime (2007) Daughter of the Gods (2019)
Deborah Watling Victoria Waterfield 5 The Great Space Elevator (2008) The Story of Extinction (2016)
Wendy Padbury Zoe Heriot 22 Fear of the Daleks (2007) Daughter of the Gods (2019)
Nicholas Courtney The Brigadier 10 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (2000) The Three Companions (2010)
John Levene John Benton 4 Council of War (2013) The Scream of Ghosts (2019)
Caroline John Liz Shaw 5 The Blue Tooth (2007) The Last Post (2012)
Katy Manning Jo Grant 30 The Doll of Death (2008) The Sacrifice of Jo Grant (2019)
Richard Franklin Mike Yates 11 The Magician's Oath (2009) United (2017)
Stephen Thorne Omega 1 Intervention Earth (2015)
Ian Collier 1 Omega (2003)
Peter Davison
Elisabeth Sladen Sarah Jane Smith 9 Comeback (2002) Dreamland (2006)
Gabriel Woolf Sutekh 6 The Pyramid of Sutekh (2015) The Age of Sutekh (2018)
Louise Jameson Leela 94 Zagreus (2003) Collision Course (2019)
John Leeson K9 50 Zagreus (2003) The Perfect Prisoners (2019)
Christopher Benjamin Henry Gordon Jago 64 The Mahogany Murderers (2009) The Talents of Greel (2019)
Trevor Baxter George Litefoot 63 The Mahogany Murderers (2009) Jago & Litefoot Forever (2018)
Conrad Asquith Percival Quick 43 The Bloodless Soldier (2010) Jago & Litefoot Forever (2018)
Mary Tamm Romana I 14 Lies (2005) The Final Phase (2013)
Lalla Ward Romana II 67 The Apocalypse Element (2000) Collision Course (2019)
Matthew Waterhouse Adric 12 Psychodrome (2014) Companion Piece (2019)
Sarah Sutton Nyssa 77 The Land of the Dead (2000) Conversion (2019)
Geoffrey Beevers The Master 20 Dust Breeding (2000) Day of the Master (2019)
Janet Fielding Tegan Jovanka 44 The Gathering (2006) Nightmare Country (2019)
David Banks Cyber-Leader 1 Hour of the Cybermen (2018) Conversion (2019)
Mark Hardy Cyber-Lieutenant
Mark Strickson Vislor Turlough 32 Phantasmagoria (1999) Nightmare Country (2019)
Terry Molloy Davros 12 Davros (2003) The Lights of Skaro (2014)
Nicola Bryant Peri Brown 62 Whispers of Terror (1999) Brightly Shone The Moon That Night (2019)
Nabil Shaban Sil 2 Mission to Magnus (2009) Antidote to Oblivion (2014)
Michael Jayston The Valeyard 8 He Jests at Scars... (2003) The War Valeyard (2019)
Lynda Bellingham Darkel 11 Weapon of Choice (2004) Trial of the Valeyard (2013)
Bonnie Langford Melanie Bush 29 The Fires of Vulcan (2000) The Devil's Footprints (2018)
Sophie Aldred Ace 84 The Fearmonger (2000) The Split Infinitive (2019)
Karen Gledhill Allison Williams 31 Threshold (2012) The Sacrifice of Jo Grant (2019)
Simon Williams Ian Gilmore 30 The Split Infinitive (2019)
Pamela Salem Rachel Jensen
Jessica Martin Mags 3 The Monsters of Gokroth (2019) An Alien Werewolf in London (2019)
Eric Roberts The Master 2 The Lifeboat and the Deathboat (2019) Day of the Master (2019)
Billie Piper Rose Tyler 7 Infamy of the Zaross (2017) The Last Party on Earth (2019)
Camille Coduri Jackie Tyler 8 Retail Therapy (2017)
Mark Benton Clive Finch 3 The Endless Night (2019) Ghost Machines (2019)
Lachele Carl Trinity Wells 1 Driving Miss Wells (2019)
Bruno Langley Adam Mitchell 1 The Other Side (2017)
Shaun Dingwall Pete Tyler 4 The Endless Night (2019) The Last Party on Earth (2019)
John Barrowman Jack Harkness 34 The Conspiracy (2015) Serenity (2019)
Silas Carson Ood 5 Prisoner of the Ood (2018) Sins of the Father (2018)
Tracy Ann Oberman Yvonne Hartman 26 One Rule (2015) The Rockery (2019)
Catherine Tate Donna Noble 7 Death's Deal (2013) The Creeping Death (2019)
Jacqueline King Sylvia Noble 3 Wild Pastures (2018) No Place (2019)
Nicholas Briggs Judoon 2 Judoon in Chains (2016) One Mile Down (2019)
Derek Jacobi The Master 16 Beneath the Viscoid (2017) Day of the Master (2019)
Bernard Cribbins Wilfred Mott 1 No Place (2019)
Dan Starkey Sontarans[1] 16 The Five Companions (2011) Peepshow (2019)
Christopher Ryan Sontarans 3 The Sontaran Ordeal (2016) A Photograph to Remember (2019)
Georgia Tennant Jenny 5 Stolen Goods (2018) Relative Time (2019)
Alex Kingston River Song 34 The Boundless Sea (2015) The Talents of Greel (2019)
Michelle Ryan Christina de Souza 5 Last Chance (2018) Death on the Mile (2018)
Ian McNeice Winston Churchill 9 The Oncoming Storm (2016) Their Finest Hour (2018)
Richard Hope Silurians 3 Call to Arms (2017) United (2017)
Simon Fisher-Becker Dorium Maldovar 1 The Light Keepers (2019)
Frances Barber Kovarian 2 My Dinner with Andrew (2018) The Furies (2018)
Dan Starkey Strax 9 The Haunting (2015) Spring-Heeled Jack (2019)
Neve McIntosh Vastra 9 Young Winston (2018)
Catrin Stewart Jenny Flint 8 Inside Every Warrior (2019)
Jemma Redgrave Kate Stewart 32 Vanguard (2015) The Sacrifice of Jo Grant (2019)
Ingrid Oliver Petronella Osgood
Michelle Gomez Missy 6 The Bekdel Test (2019) Day of the Master (2019)

Other characters Edit

Actor Character TV story Big Finish appearance
Bernard Holley Peter Haydon The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967) Return to Telos (2015)
Ralph Watson Captain Knight The Web of Fear (1968) The Web of Time (2019)
Pik-Sen Lim Chin Lee The Mind of Evil (1971) Open the Box (2019)
Bernard Holley Axos The Claws of Axos (1971) The Feast of Axos (2011)
David Troughton Peladon of Peladon The Curse of Peladon (1972) The Prisoner of Peladon (2009)
Michael Kilgarriff K1 Robot (1974-75) The Relics of Jegg-Sau (2004)
Patricia Maynard Hilda Winters Test of Nerve (2002)
Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (2002)
Peter Miles Nyder Genesis of the Daleks (1975) Guilt (2006)
Stephen Thorne Eldrad The Hand of Fear (1976) Eldrad Must Die! (2013)
John Leeson The Nucleus The Invisible Enemy (1977) Revenge of the Swarm (2014)
Lalla Ward Astra of Atrios The Armageddon Factor (1979) The Chaos Pool (2009)
Graham Cole Melkur The Keeper of Traken (1981) The Guardians of Prophecy (2012)
Colin Baker Maxil Arc of Infinity (1983) Appropriation, cameo (2006)
Angela Bruce Winifred Bambera Battlefield (1989) Animal (2011)
Yasmin Bannerman Tree of Cheem The End of the World (2005) Tales from New Earth (2018)
Annette Badland Blon Slitheen Aliens of London / World War Three, Boom Town (2005) Sync (2019)
Anna Hope Hame New Earth (2006)
Gridlock (2007)
Tales from New Earth (2018)
Russell Tovey Alonso Frame Voyage of the Damned (2007)
The End of Time (2010)
One Enchanted Evening (2017)
Danny Horn Kazran Sardick A Christmas Carol (2010) Living History (2016)
The Top of the Tree (2018)
Holly Earl Lily Arwell The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011) The Chartwell Metamorphosis (2016)

Spin-off characters Edit

Actor Character Stories First story Last story
Eve Myles Gwen Cooper 19 Forgotten Lives (2015) Smashed (2019)
Kai Owen Rhys Williams 17 Sargasso (2019)
Tom Price Andy Davidson 26 More Than This (2016) The Hope (2019)
Gareth David-Lloyd Ianto Jones 18 Fall to Earth (2015) The Rockery (2019)
Naoko Mori Toshiko Sato 6 Zone 10 (2016) The Vigil (2019)
Burn Gorman Owen Harper 4 Corpse Day (2017) The Hope (2019)
Indira Varma Suzie Costello 3 Moving Target (2016) Sync (2019)
Murray Melvin Bilis Manger 3 A Kill to a View (2017) Dead Man's Switch (2019)
James Marsters John Hart 1 The Death of Captain Jack (2018)
Sharon Morgan Mary Cooper 1 Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy (2017)
Nerys Hughes Brenda Williams 1 Visiting Hours (2017)
Julian Lewis Jones Alex Hopkins 1 The Torchwood Archive (2016)
Fady Elsayed Ram Singh 3 Gifted (2018) Everybody Loves Reagan (2018)
Sophie Hopkins April MacLean 2
Vivian Oparah Tanya Adeola 3 Life Experience (2018) Now You Know... (2018)
Jordan Renzo Matteusz Andrzejewski 2 Tell Me You Love Me (2018)
Greg Austin Charlie Smith 2 In Remembrance (2018)
Katherine Kelly Andrea Quill 2

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Excluding Strax.
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