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The following is a list of episodes of Doctor Who Extra. The initial installment was screened in cinemas following the theatrical simulcast of the series 8 premiere, Deep Breath. Each instalment has a run time of just over 10 minutes. The ones subsequent to Deep Breath were exclusive to the BBC Red Button on television and BBC iPlayer online, and available immediately after the airing of each Doctor Who episode.[1]

Doctor Who Extra
Series Doctor Who Extra Related DW episode Narrator
8 Deep Breath Deep Breath Matt Botten
Into the Dalek Into the Dalek Matt Botten
Robot of Sherwood Robot of Sherwood Matt Botten
Listen Listen Matt Botten
Time Heist Time Heist Matt Botten
The Caretaker The Caretaker Matt Botten
Kill the Moon Kill the Moon Matt Botten
Mummy on the Orient Express Mummy on the Orient Express Matt Botten
Flatline Flatline Matt Botten
In the Forest of the Night In the Forest of the Night Matt Botten
Dark Water Dark Water Matt Botten
Death in Heaven Death in Heaven Matt Botten
9 Last Christmas Last Christmas Matt Botten
Prologue Prologue
The Doctor's Guitar The Magician's Apprentice
Missy and the Doctor
The Grand Entrance
Colony Sarff
Hanging out with Clara The Witch's Familiar
Missy and Clara
Nicholas Briggs
On Location in Tenerife
The Doctor and Davros
Dalek Clara
Young Davros
Water, Water, Everywhere... Under the Lake
Becoming a Ghost
The Fireball
Cass & Lunn
Meet the Fisher King Before the Flood
Paul Kaye on Playing Prentis
Slipknot on Tour
Creating the Ghosts
Peter on the Mire The Girl Who Died
Through fire and flame Sleep No More
Behind the Veil Heaven Sent
Visualising Heaven Sent
Series 9 in 81 Seconds Series 9

Doctor Who Extra episodes in the Series 8 format were released for every story in Series 9 on home media, as well as The Return of Doctor Mysterio and Twice Upon a Time.

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