The following is a list of episodes of Doctor Who Confidential. Unless otherwise stated, the episodes below originally broadcast on BBC Three.

Series Doctor Who Confidential Related DW episode Narrator
1 A New Dimension[1] Rose David Tennant
Bringing Back the Doctor Simon Pegg
the Good, the Bad and the Ugly The End of the World Simon Pegg
TARDIS Tales The Unquiet Dead Simon Pegg
I Get a Side-Kick Out of You Aliens of London Simon Pegg
Why on Earth? World War Three Simon Pegg
The Daleks Dalek Simon Pegg
The Dark Side The Long Game Simon Pegg
Time Trouble Father's Day Simon Pegg
Special Effects The Empty Child Simon Pegg
Weird Science The Doctor Dances Simon Pegg
Unsung Heroes and Violent Death Boom Town Simon Pegg
The World of Who Bad Wolf Simon Pegg
The Ultimate Guide[2] The Parting of the Ways Simon Pegg
The Last Battle Simon Pegg
2 Backstage at Christmas (DVD only)[3] The Christmas Invasion Simon Pegg
One Year On[4] Series 2 Mark Gatiss
New New Doctor New Earth Mark Gatiss
Fear Factor Tooth and Claw Mark Gatiss
Friends Reunited School Reunion Mark Gatiss
Script to Screen The Girl in the Fireplace Mark Gatiss
Cybermen Rise of the Cybermen Mark Gatiss
From Zero to Hero The Age of Steel Mark Gatiss
The Writer's Tale The Idiot's Lantern Mark Gatiss
You've Got the Look The Impossible Planet Mark Gatiss
Religion, Myths and Legends The Satan Pit Mark Gatiss
The New World of Who Love & Monsters Mark Gatiss
The Fright Stuff Fear Her Mark Gatiss
Welcome to Torchwood Army of Ghosts Mark Gatiss
Finale Doomsday Mark Gatiss
3 Music and Monsters[5] The Runaway Bride[6] Anthony Head
Meet Martha Jones Smith and Jones Anthony Head
Stage Fright The Shakespeare Code Anthony Head
Are We There Yet? Gridlock Anthony Head
A New York Story Daleks in Manhattan Anthony Head
Making Manhattan Evolution of the Daleks Anthony Head
Monsters Inc. The Lazarus Experiment Anthony Head
Space Craft 42 Anthony Head
Alter Ego Human Nature Anthony Head
Bad Blood The Family of Blood Anthony Head
Do You Remember the First Time? Blink[7] David Tennant (uncredited)
'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello Utopia Anthony Head
The Saxon Mystery The Sound of Drums Anthony Head
The Valiant Quest Last of the Time Lords Anthony Head
4[8] Children in Need Special[9] Time Crash
Kylie Special[10] Voyage of the Damned Anthony Head
A Noble Return Partners in Crime Anthony Head
The Italian Job The Fires of Pompeii Anthony Head
Oods and Ends Planet of the Ood Anthony Head
Send in the Clones The Sontaran Stratagem Anthony Head
Sontar-Ha! The Poison Sky Anthony Head
Sins of the Fathers The Doctor's Daughter Anthony Head
Nemesis The Unicorn and the Wasp Anthony Head
Shadow Play Silence in the Library Anthony Head
River Runs Deep Forest of the Dead Anthony Head
Look Who's Talking Midnight Anthony Head
Here Come the Girls Turn Left Anthony Head
Friends and Foe The Stolen Earth Anthony Head
End of an Era Journey's End Anthony Head
The Journey (So Far) (DVD only)
Confidential Christmas 2008[11] The Next Doctor Anthony Head
Top 5 Christmas Moments Anthony Head
At the Proms[12] Doctor Who at the Proms (2008) Anthony Head
The Eleventh Doctor[13] Anthony Head
Desert Storm Planet of the Dead Noel Clarke
Is There Life on Mars? The Waters of Mars Anthony Head
Lords and Masters The End of Time, Part One Anthony Head
Allons-y! The End of Time, Part Two Anthony Head
5 Call Me the Doctor The Eleventh Hour Alex Price
All About the Girl The Beast Below Alex Price
War Games Victory of the Daleks Alex Price
Eyes Wide Open The Time of Angels Alex Price
Blinded by the Light Flesh and Stone Alex Price
Death in Venice The Vampires of Venice Alex Price
Arthurian Legend Amy's Choice Alex Price
After Effects The Hungry Earth Alex Price
What Goes on Tour... Cold Blood Alex Price
A Brush with Genius Vincent and the Doctor Alex Price
Monster Files: The Daleks (DVD only) Victory of the Daleks
Extra Time The Lodger Alex Price
Alien Abduction The Pandorica Opens Alex Price
Out of Time The Big Bang Alex Price
Monster Files: Weeping Angels (DVD only) The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Monster Files: The Silurians (DVD only) The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
Monster Files: The Alliance (DVD only) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
6 Backstage at the Doctor Who Prom Doctor Who at the Proms (2010)
Charlie McDonnell - Runner[14][15] A Christmas Carol Charlie McDonnell
Charlie McDonnell - TARDIS[15] Charlie McDonnell
Charlie McDonnell - Decorating Bus[15] Charlie McDonnell
Charlie McDonnell - Christmas Presents (badger)[15] Charlie McDonnell
Christmas Special 2010 Russell Tovey
Coming to America The Impossible Astronaut Russell Tovey
My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen[16]
Breaking the Silence Day of the Moon Russell Tovey
Ship Ahoy! The Curse of the Black Spot Russell Tovey
Bigger on the Inside The Doctor's Wife Russell Tovey
Double Trouble The Rebel Flesh Russell Tovey
Take Two The Almost People Russell Tovey
Charlie McDonnell interviews Neil Gaiman The Doctor's Wife Charlie McDonnell
The Born Identity A Good Man Goes to War Russell Tovey
Monster Files: The Silence (DVD only) The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon
Monster Files: The Gangers (DVD only) The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People
Charlie McDonnell Becomes A Dalek Charlie McDonnell
River Runs Wild Let's Kill Hitler Russell Tovey
About a Boy Night Terrors Russell Tovey
What Dreams May Come The Girl Who Waited Russell Tovey
Heartbreak Hotel The God Complex Russell Tovey
Open All Hours Closing Time Russell Tovey
When Time Froze The Wedding of River Song Russell Tovey
Monster Files: The Antibodies (DVD only) Let's Kill Hitler
Monster Files: The Cybermats (DVD only) Closing Time
The Night's Tale (DVD only) Space/Time, Night and the Doctor Russell Tovey

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Broadcast on BBC One a little over an hour prior to the initial screening of Rose, this episode did not, in fact, go out under the Doctor Who Confidential banner. However, its commonality of production personnel and style lead many to consider it a kind of "pre-cursor" to Confidential. Nevertheless, it is not usually considered "episode 1", but a kind of "episode 0".
  2. Like A New Dimension, this episode was broadcast on BBC One prior to its related episode. Also like Dimension, Guide did not technically go out under the Confidential banner, but was made by the Confidentialproduction team. This episode is often seen as having an even stronger tie to Confidential because of the presence of the series 1 narrator, Simon Pegg.
  3. The Christmas Invasion is the only episode of BBC Wales Doctor Who not to have a corresponding broadcast episode of Doctor Who Confidential. A 9-minute mini-episode was made especially for the series 1 DVD release, but it technically did not go out under the Doctor Who Confidential banner. Rather, it used the title, Doctor Who: Backstage at Christmas, and its graphical elements were similar to those used in Doctor Who: A New Dimension. It did, however, use the familiar DWC theme music and series 1 narrator, Simon Pegg. It possibly didn't use the Confidential logo because it was technically a preview of an episode yet to come, rather than a discussion of how an episode already broadcast was made.
  4. "One Year On" was essentially a preview of series 2, broadcast on BBC Three six days before the initial broadcast of New Earth.
  5. Unusually, this episode bore a subtitle to the programme's name. Instead of just Doctor Who Confidential, it went out under the banner, Doctor Who Confidential Christmas Special
  6. This episode did have a limited amount of behind-the-scenes information about The Runaway Bride, but it also served as a behind-the-scenes exploration of the 2006 Doctor Who concert at the Wales Millennium Centre. It was co-produced with BBC Music.
  7. Though this episode did contain some behind-the-scenes information about Blink, it was mostly concerned with providing a history of the BBC Television Centre.
  8. For the purposes of this table, "Series 4" shall have the RTD/production team definition of everything from Time Crash to The End of Time
  9. Officially, this episode had no title. The title used here is based on conjecture.
  10. This episode did not have a traditional title when broadcast. The title used here is from the BBC's website for the episode.
  11. This episode did not have a traditional title when broadcast. The title used here is from the BBC's website for the episode.
  12. This episode had no official title; the title used here is based on conjecture. Neither the programme or name appeared. Like "The Ultimate Guide" it's assumed to be a part of Doctor Who Confidential because of the commonality of production team and narrator. Like "Music and Monsters it was co-produced by BBC Music.
  13. This episode was broadcast in the first week of January 2009, and served merely to announce the casting of Matt Smith. It wasn't tied to any particular episode of Doctor Who.
  14. The "Charlie McDonnell series" was originally broadcast on BBC Red Button from 21 December-24 December 2010
  15. 15.0 15.1 15.2 15.3 The name for this episode was derived from the official BBC Three website, as it appeared in the week of Christmas 2010.[1]
  16. This episode aired on CBBC after The Impossible Astronaut as a memorial show for Elisabeth Sladen. While not technically shown under the Doctor Who Confidential banner, it is generally considered an episode of the series due to being produced by the Confidential production team and closing with the Confidential logo.
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