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List of 1963-1989 Doctor Who production assistants

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This is a list of those people believed to have provided the service of production assistance on the 1963-1989 version of Doctor Who. It is a list that is mostly believed to be true, based on subsequent reference works, as the position was extremely inconsistently credited. It wasn't until season 12 that the position was in any way regularly credited. Peter Grimwade's stint on Robot was at least the first time that an entire serial had a production assistance credit. Episode 1 was also likely the first time any episode bore the credit.

The credit "production assistant" referred to two distinct jobs in two different periods. From the start of 1981 (beginning on Doctor Who with Logopolis) the job previously referred to as "production assistant" was credited instead as "production manager" so that the role played by production assistant Alan Wareing on The Keeper of Traken was the same one carried out by production manager Margot Hayhoe on Logopolis. The "production assistant" credit from season nineteen onwards refers to a different and more junior role on the programme.

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The Mysterious Planet - Joy Sinclair
MindwarpKaren Jones
Terror of the Vervoids - Jane Wellesley
The Ultimate Foe - Jane Wellesley

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