The following is a list of VHS titles released by the BBC, broken down by year of release. Doctor Who and K9 and Company are the only two Whoniverse-related programmes to be released to VHS. They were released in both PAL and NTSC formats for both European and North American audiences. The catalogue number and release dates given here apply only to the PAL UK releases, with North American and other territory releases usually occurring at some point after (but occasionally before) the UK release.

Until about 1995, the William Hartnell releases would be edited to remove "next episode" captions that lead into a different story to avoid confusing casual buyers. Also, until the release of The Daleks in late 1989, the releases were edited together into an omnibus format which removed cliffhangers and opening and closing credits between episodes. Some releases prior to this point also featured other edits for content reasons (such as the nunchaku scene from The Talons of Weng-Chiang).

The final Doctor Who VHS releases took place in 2003. VHS later ceased to be a viable format and subsequent releases were relegated to DVD and Blu-ray formats with Steelbook casings also being available.

Timeline of releases


The selection of Revenge of the Cybermen for release was based on a survey undertaken by BBC Video at the Longleat convention earlier in 1983. The favourite title voted for release was The Tomb of the Cybermen, but as this story was then missing from the archives, an existing colour Cyberman story was selected as an appropriate replacement.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV2003 Revenge of the Cybermen Fourth Doctor 3 October 1983


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV2003 Revenge of the Cybermen[1] Fourth Doctor 14 May 1984
BBCV2012 The Brain of Morbius[2] 9 July 1984


In 1985, BBC Video removed the "Star Ident" from the VHS artwork and replaced it with simple italic text. The last release to display the "Star Ident" was The Brain of Morbius in 1984. The release of The Seeds of Death marked the first black and white Doctor Who released as part of the range.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV2014 Pyramids of Mars Fourth Doctor 4 February 1985
BBCV2019 The Seeds of Death Second Doctor 17 July 1985
BBCV2020 The Five Doctors Fifth Doctor 9 September 1985


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV2030 The Robots of Death Fourth Doctor 7 April 1986
BBCV2036 Day of the Daleks Third Doctor 7 July 1986
BBCV4013 Revenge of the Cybermen Fourth Doctor 6 October 1986


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4055 Pyramids of Mars Fourth Doctor 13 April 1987
BBCV4072 The Seeds of Death Second Doctor 13 July 1987
BBCV4073 Death to the Daleks Third Doctor 13 July 1987


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4107 Spearhead from Space Third Doctor 1 February 1988
BBCV4108 The Robots of Death Fourth Doctor 15 February 1988
BBCV4109 Day of the Daleks Third Doctor 15 February 1988
BBCV4187 The Talons of Weng-Chiang Fourth Doctor 7 November 1988
BBCV4186 Terror of the Zygons 7 November 1988


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4245 The Time Warrior Third Doctor 5 June 1989
BBCV4244 The Ark in Space Fourth Doctor 5 June 1989
BBCV4242 The Daleks (2 tapes) First Doctor 5 June 1989


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4311 An Unearthly Child First Doctor 5 February 1990
BBCV4310 The War Games (2 tapes) Second Doctor 5 February 1990
BBCV4353 The Dalek Invasion of Earth (2 tapes) First Doctor 7 May 1990
BBCV4352 The Mind Robber Second Doctor 7 May 1990
BBCV4387 The Five Doctors Fifth Doctor 9 July 1990
BBCV4388 The Brain of Morbius Fourth Doctor 9 July 1990
BBCV4405 The Web Planet (2 tapes) First Doctor 10 September 1990
BBCV4406 The Dominators[3] Second Doctor 10 September 1990


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4453 The Curse of Fenric[4] Seventh Doctor 25 February 1991
BBCV4452 The Krotons Second Doctor 25 February 1991
BBCV4491 Planet of the Spiders (2 tapes) Third Doctor 15 April 1991
BBCV4492 City of Death Fourth Doctor 15 April 1991
BBCV4608 The Hartnell Years First Doctor 17 June 1991
BBCV4609 The Troughton Years Second Doctor 17 June 1991
BBCV4642 The Masque of Mandragora Fourth Doctor 12 August 1991
BBCV4650 The Three Doctors Third Doctor 12 August 1991
BBCV4643 The Sontaran Experiment / Genesis of the Daleks (2 tapes) Fourth Doctor 7 October 1991
BBCV4645 The Deadly Assassin 7 October 1991


The recovery of The Tomb of the Cybermen at the beginning of the year allowed for it to be hurriedly slotted into the release schedule in May. The release of Shada saw the story completed by having Tom Baker fill in the gaps in the narrative by giving simple summaries of the missing action. The release also included a copy of all six scripts. The Tom Baker Years departed in format from the previous three releases, having Tom Baker commenting on a clip from each of his television adventures as opposed to introducing selected individual episodes.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4713 The Caves of Androzani Fifth Doctor 13 January 1992
BBCV4714 Robot Fourth Doctor 13 January 1992
BBCV4736 Logopolis 2 March 1992
BBCV4737 Castrovalva Fifth Doctor 2 March 1992
BBCV4756 The Pertwee Years Third Doctor 2 March 1992
BBCV4742 The Claws of Axos 11 May 1992
BBCV4783 The Twin Dilemma Sixth Doctor 11 May 1992[5]
BBCV4772 The Tomb of the Cybermen Second Doctor 11 May 1992
BBCV4810 Daleks: The Early Years First Doctor, Second Doctor 6 July 1992
BBCV4813 Cybermen: The Early Years Second Doctor 6 July 1992
BBCV4814 Shada[6] Fourth Doctor 6 July 1992
BBCV4839 The Tom Baker Years (2 tapes) 7 September 1992
BBCV4840 Earthshock Fifth Doctor 7 September 1992
BBCV4743 The Aztecs First Doctor 2 November 1992
BBCV4874 Mawdryn Undead Fifth Doctor 2 November 1992


The release of Silver Nemesis (originally planned for January), for which the cover broke with the established template, also had a US documentary on the story included as a bonus. The Dæmons release was based on the colourisation created and broadcast in 1992, and the releases of Terror of the Autons and Doctor Who and the Silurians would also be released in a colourised format (all three indicated by a stylised paintbrush logo on the spine of the case). The releases from Terror of the Autons to The Two Doctors featured the thirtieth anniversary logo on the front cover rather than the standard one. They would also feature a special anniversary title sequence at the start of the tape. The Invasion was released with narration from Nicholas Courtney filling in for the missing episodes one and four. The Dalek Tin also included a booklet, Daleks: A Brief History by Andrew Pixley. The bottom of the tin featured a photo of a Dalek, with five different variations each with a different Dalek photo. Similarly, the TARDIS Tin had seven variations, one photo for each of the then seven Doctors. Planet of Evil and Dragonfire had originally been scheduled for early 1994, but were brought forward to December at the last minute.

There had been several "special releases" planned for the anniversary year. Alongside The Invasion, The Reign of Terror was originally scheduled with narration from Carole Ann Ford filling the gaps left by the missing episodes four and five. Similarly, The Tenth Planet with narration by Michael Craze for episode four was also planned for release. John Nathan-Turner had also planned a double tape pack consisting of clips and interviews for the thirtieth anniversary. Additionally, a release titled "The BBC Documentaries" had been planned, featuring Whose Doctor Who (1977) and Resistance is Useless (1992). Finally, The Davison Years, The Colin Baker Years, and The McCoy Years had all been scheduled (with the Colin Baker title being recorded). Following complaints from fans, Nathan-Turner departed from BBC Video, meaning these planned titles were abandoned (the Colin Baker title was eventually released in 1994).

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV4890 Terminus Fifth Doctor 11 January 1993
BBCV4891 Enlightenment 15 February 1993
BBCV4941 Image of the Fendahl Fourth Doctor 15 March 1993
BBCV4950 The Dæmons Third Doctor 15 March 1993
BBCV4957 Terror of the Autons 5 April 1993
BBCV4888 Silver Nemesis[7] Seventh Doctor 5 April 1993
BBCV4962 Vengeance on Varos Sixth Doctor 10 May 1993
BBCV4973 The Keeper of Traken Fourth Doctor 7 June 1993
BBCV4974 The Invasion (2 tapes) Second Doctor 7 June 1993
BBCV4990 Doctor Who and the Silurians (2 tapes) Third Doctor 12 July 1993
BBCV4978 The Curse of Peladon 9 August 1993
BBCV5005 Dalek Tin: (BBCV5006) The Chase / (BBCV5007) Remembrance of the Daleks (2 tapes) First Doctor, Seventh Doctor 6 September 1993
BBCV5008 TARDIS Tin: (BBCV5009) The Trial of a Time Lord (3 tapes) Sixth Doctor 11 October 1993
BBCV5143 Resurrection of the Daleks Fifth Doctor 1 November 1993
BBCV5148 The Two Doctors Sixth Doctor 1 November 1993
BBCV5180 Planet of Evil Fourth Doctor 29 December 1993
BBCV5181 Dragonfire Seventh Doctor 29 December 1993


More than 30 Years in the TARDIS was a new 90 minute edit of the documentary 30 Years in the TARDIS which had aired on the BBC in November 1993.

The Green Death had originally been scheduled for March, but would end up being delayed until 1996 as a result of being pre-empted by a BBC Two repeat of the story in January/February. Likewise, a release of Revelation of the Daleks for May was abandoned due to its repeat on BBC Two in early 1993 (it would be released eventually in 1999). The Greatest Show in the Galaxy had been planned for a November release, but was dropped till 2000.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV5218 The Ark in Space Fourth Doctor 7 February 1994
BBCV5219 Day of the Daleks Third Doctor 7 February 1994
BBCV5220 Pyramids of Mars Fourth Doctor 7 February 1994
BBCV5199 Arc of Infinity Fifth Doctor 7 March 1994
BBCV5324 The Colin Baker Years Sixth Doctor 7 March 1994
BBCV5269 Inferno (2 tapes) Third Doctor 9 May 1994
BBCV5334 Ghost Light Seventh Doctor 9 May 1994
BBCV5349 The Visitation / Black Orchid (2 tapes) Fifth Doctor 4 July 1994
BBCV5350 Destiny of the Daleks Fourth Doctor 4 July 1994
BBCV5377 The Seeds of Doom (2 tapes) 1 August 1994
BBCV5378 The Rescue / The Romans (2 tapes) First Doctor 5 September 1994
BBCV5432 Kinda Fifth Doctor 3 October 1994
BBCV5403 More than 30 Years in the TARDIS N/A 7 November 1994
BBCV5433 Snakedance Fifth Doctor 5 December 1994


The Key to Time releases of April, May, and June featured artwork on the spine of the video cases (by Andrew Skilleter). Starting with Carnival of Monsters, the releases each came with a postcard with the video cover art on the front that could be put into the album that came with the combined The King's Demons/The Five Doctors Special Edition set. These would come to an end with The Hand of Fear in 1996. Carnival of Monsters also came with three cards with photos on one side and part of the cover art on the other. These could be combined with three cards released with Doctor Who Magazine issue 224 to complete the cover art. The initial release of The Five Doctors had an error with the Dolby Surround and replacement tapes had to be issued.

Releases provisionally scheduled for this year included The Keys of Marinus in March (released 1999) and The Ice Warriors in May (released 1998). Planet of Giants (released 2002) and Invasion of the Dinosaurs (released 2003) were set for November (and then early 1996) while Delta and the Bannermen (released 2001) was planned for December.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV5509 Spearhead from Space Third Doctor 13 February 1995
BBCV5520 Death to the Daleks[8] 13 February 1995
BBCV5521 The Robots of Death Fourth Doctor 13 February 1995
BBCV5526 The Android Invasion 6 March 1995
BBCV5556 Carnival of Monsters[9] Third Doctor 6 March 1995
BBCV5607 The Ribos Operation Fourth Doctor 3 April 1995
BBCV5608 The Pirate Planet 3 April 1995
BBCV5610 The Stones of Blood 22 May 1995
BBCV5611 The Androids of Tara 22 May 1995
BBCV5612 The Power of Kroll 5 June 1995
BBCV5613 The Armageddon Factor 5 June 1995
BBCV5603 The Mark of the Rani Sixth Doctor 3 July 1995
BBCV5617 Time and the Rani Seventh Doctor 3 July 1995
BBCV5640 Frontier in Space[10] (2 tapes) Third Doctor 7 August 1995
BBCV5635 K.9 & Company Sarah Jane Smith 7 August 1995
BBCV5667 The Sea Devils (2 tapes) Third Doctor 4 September 1995
BBCV5668 Warriors of the Deep Fifth Doctor 4 September 1995
BBCV5686 Paradise Towers Seventh Doctor 2 October 1995
BBCV5687 Survival 2 October 1995
N/A (BBCV5733) The King's Demons / (BBCV5734) The Five Doctors Special Edition (2 tapes) Fifth Doctor 6 November 1995
BBCV5781 The Monster of Peladon (2 tapes) Third Doctor 27 December 1995


The video range was suspended on February 19th due to the imminent release of the forthcoming TV movie. This also resulted in many back titles being deleted, including the very recent release of The Hand of Fear, which made this particular title most sought after. When the range returned in October it had adopted the new logo from the telemovie, although a consistent template would not be established till 1997.

Time-Flight (released 2000) and The Happiness Patrol (released 1997) had both been planned for March, The Green Death for April, The Leisure Hive (released 1997) for May, Horror of Fang Rock (released 1998) and The Horns of Nimon (released 2003) for June, Timelash (released 1998) for July, The Awakening/Frontios (released 1997) for August, and The War Machines (released 1997) and The Invasion of Time (released 2000) for September.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV5789 The Hand of Fear Fourth Doctor 5 February 1996
BBCV5882 Doctor Who[11] Eighth Doctor 13 May 1996
BBCV5816 The Green Death (2 tapes) Third Doctor 7 October 1996


The release of The Awakening/Frontios marked the end of painted artwork covers for the range. From The War Machines onwards the covers would be photographic montages created by the design house Black Sheep.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV5821 The Leisure Hive Fourth Doctor 6 January 1997
BBCV6120 The Awakening / Frontios (2 tapes) Fifth Doctor 3 March 1997
BBCV6183 The War Machines First Doctor 9 June 1997
BBCV5803 The Happiness Patrol Seventh Doctor 18 August 1997
BBCV6229 The E-Space Trilogy: (BBCV6230) Full Circle / (BBCV6231) State of Decay / (BBCV6232) Warriors' Gate (3 tapes) Fourth Doctor 3 November 1997


The Ice Warriors release came with a CD for the soundtrack of the missing episodes two and three, while on the tape they were replaced by a cut down 15 minute reconstruction using stills and narration.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV6329 Timelash Sixth Doctor 12 January 1998
BBCV6330 Battlefield[12] Seventh Doctor 23 March 1998
BBCV6361 The Mind of Evil[13] Third Doctor 18 May 1998
BBCV6536 Horror of Fang Rock Fourth Doctor 6 July 1998
BBCV6567 Planet of Fire Fifth Doctor 7 September 1998
BBCV6609 The Ark First Doctor 5 October 1998
The Ice Warriors Box Set: (BBCV6755) The Ice Warriors /
(BBCV6766) The Missing Years & The Underwater Menace: Episode 3 (2 tapes)
First Doctor, Second Doctor 9 November 1998


The discovery of the previously missing episode "The Lion" (Episode 1 of The Crusade) at the start of the year prompted its release in July. It featured linking material for the missing episodes from William Russell and the pack also included a CD of the soundtrack of the two episodes, four postcards with images from the story and The Space Museum (which was released with it), and a TARDIS keyring.

BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV6610 Nightmare of Eden Fourth Doctor January 1999
BBCV6671 The Keys of Marinus First Doctor 1 March 1999
BBCV6773 Revenge of the Cybermen Fourth Doctor April 1999
BBCV6672 The Face of Evil May 1999
BBCV6888 The Crusade: Episodes 1 & 3 / The Space Museum First Doctor July 1999
BBCV6774 Terror of the Zygons[14] Fourth Doctor August 1999
BBCV6889 The Curse of Fatal Death[15] September 1999
BBCV6889 Dalek Tin II: (BBCV6928) Planet of the Daleks[16] / (BBCV6927) Revelation of the Daleks (2 tapes) Third Doctor, Sixth Doctor November 1999


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV6998 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Seventh Doctor 24 January 2000
BBCV6876 The Invasion of Time (2 tapes) Fourth Doctor 13 March 2000
BBCV6877 The Edge of Destruction / "Pilot Episode" First Doctor April 2000
BBCV6878 Time-Flight Fifth Doctor July 2000
BBCV6959 An Unearthly Child (Remastered) First Doctor September 2000
BBCV7030 Cyberman Tin: (BBCV6874) The Tenth Planet / (BBCV7048) Attack of the Cybermen (2 tapes) First Doctor, Sixth Doctor 6 November 2000


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV6960 The Daleks (Remastered) First Doctor 26 February 2001
BBCV7131 Delta and the Bannermen Seventh Doctor 26 March 2001
BBCV7132 City of Death Fourth Doctor 8 May 2001
BBCV7133 The Sun Makers 9 July 2001
BBCV7134 Four to Doomsday Fifth Doctor 3 September 2001
N/A The Davros Collection: (BBCV7251) Genesis of the Daleks / (BBCV7252) Destiny of the Daleks / (BBCV7253) Resurrection of the Daleks / (BBCV7254) Revelation of the Daleks / (BBCV7255) Remembrance of the Daleks (5 tapes) Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor 17 September 2001
BBCV7175 The Master Tin: (BBCV7176) Colony in Space / (BBCV7177) The Time Monster (2 tapes) Third Doctor 5 November 2001


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV7263 Planet of Giants First Doctor 14 January 2002
BBCV7264 Underworld Fourth Doctor 4 March 2002
BBCV7265 The Ambassadors of Death[17] Third Doctor 20 May 2002
BBCV7266 The Creature from the Pit Fourth Doctor 15 July 2002
BBCV7267 The Invisible Enemy 2 September 2002
BBCV7346 The Time Lord Collection: (BBCV7363) The War Games / (BBCV7364) The Three Doctors / (BBCV7365) The Deadly Assassin Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor September 2002
BBCV7278 The First Doctor Box Set: (BBCV7276) The Sensorites / (BBCV7275) The Time Meddler / (BBCV7277) The Gunfighters First Doctor 11 November 2002


BBCV Cat. No. Title Doctor Date
BBCV7331 The Mutants Third Doctor 17 February 2003
BBCV7332 Meglos Fourth Doctor 10 March 2003
BBCV7334 The Horns of Nimon 2 June 2003
BBCV7333 Invasion of the Dinosaurs[18] Third Doctor 20 October 2003
BBCV7335 The Reign of Terror / The Faceless Ones: Episodes 1 & 3 / The Web of Fear: Episode 1 First Doctor, Second Doctor 24 November 2003

VHS covers

A list of all VHS covers can be found here.

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  1. Re-release of previous version. Differentiated by alternative cover art.
  2. This was a 60 minute edit of the story.
  3. This title featured several minor censor edits due to the prints used.
  4. This was an extended edit of the story, but was still presented in an episodic format.
  5. This was a Woolworths exclusive release. It was made available for general release in February 1993. Originally it had planned on being The Aztecs, however Woolworths wanted a colour title.
  6. Whilst a single tape release, this story was released in a double-tape box so as to allow space for the script book.
  7. This was an extended edit of the story include 12 minutes of extra footage, but was still presented in an episodic format.
  8. Despite being presented in an episodic format, the release is still edited with a scene from Episode Two missing.
  9. This featured the 1981 The Five Faces of Doctor Who repeat edit of Episode Four, which trimmed one scene toward the end of the episode. It also presented an extended edit of Episode Two (about 4 minutes longer) which featured the Delaware version of the theme arrangement.
  10. Episode 5 was presented in an extended edit (about 1 minute of footage) and the Delaware version of the theme arrangement.
  11. This was an edited version of the TV movie that matched the 1996 BBC1 screening.
  12. This was an extended edit of the story, but was still presented in an episodic format.
  13. The story was presented in black & white, although surviving colour footage from Episode 6 was presented at the end of the tape.
  14. Also included was a small clip from Disney Time.
  15. Three other comedy sketches were included on the release.
  16. Episode 3 was presented in black & white.
  17. This was a partially colour restored version with roughly 45% of the story presented in colour.
  18. Episode 1 of the story was presented in black & white.