Lish Toos was a sandminer pilot and, later captain. She first met the Fourth Doctor aboard Storm Mine 4 where she helped him defeat Taren Capel.

Biography Edit

Murder on the sandminer Edit

Toos was second-in-command of Storm Mine 4, working on the control deck and identifying rich veins of ore. Following Chub's murder, she was dissuaded by Dask from joining Borg and Cass in their search for the Fourth Doctor and Leela. Once the pair had been captured, Toos agreed that the Doctor's claims that he was not responsible were plausible given that "as a lie [it was] pretty feeble". After Kiy Uvanov was found over Zilda's body, Toos became commander, although she was sceptical about Ander Poul's belief that Uvanov had killed her.


V6 chokes Toos in her cabin. (TV: The Robots of Death)

She did not believe the Doctor when he claimed that the robots were responsible for the killings until V6 tried to choke her. She was saved by SV7, who was later converted to Taren Capel's creed, forcing her to accept the claims of a robot revolution, and stopped being active commander once Uvanov was cleared of suspicion. The two worked together on the bridge to produce anti-robot bombs per the Doctor's suggestion, one of which they used to destroy V5. Toos encountered SV7 after it had killed Capel and was choked by it before the Doctor deactivated it using a laserson probe. With a rescue ship on its way to collect Toos and Uvanov, the Doctor and Leela left. (TV: The Robots of Death)

Robot attacks in Kaldor City Edit

Following the events aboard the Storm Mine 4, Toos refused to work with robots, something that the Kaldor City Company tolerated only because of her skill. She became the wealthy captain of Storm Mine Seven. In 2887, she returned from a successful tour and threw a party where she was saved from a robot attack by her pilot, Mor Tani, who took her to the Sewerpits. Tani revealed that he was an undercover Company agent.

Toos was reunited with the Doctor, Leela and Poul at a Tarenist compound. She was attacked when she crossed the Sewerpits' border and inadvertently helped the Doctor discover that the anti-robot boundary was meant to trap malfunctioning robots in the Sewerpits. Toos went with the Doctor, Poul and Padil to the central robotics facility where they learnt that SASV1 believed itself to be Taren Capel. They also learnt that Carnell had planned to kill Toos and Uvanov and frame Poul for it. (PROSE: Corpse Marker)

Later life Edit

Toos was the first person to extract memories from the dead on Kaldor. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life) Skellen handed SV39 over to her. She assured him that they would get along very well. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

Appearance Edit

Toos was equally as attractive as Zilda, but older and more sophisticated. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Robots of Death)

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