Lish was an employee of Mr Brooks on his casino boat/spaceship. Lish had a condition whereby he caused others around him to have bad luck, which could lead others to accidental deaths, though he could control it to some degree and was able to shield a person at a time from its effects. Brooks created a device that dampened Lish's ability while aboard his casino. While the boat was stopped in Manchester, Lish went looking for Gregory Bailey, Antonia Bailey's husband, who he had heard could assist aliens in the area. While looking for him, he encountered Charley Pollard, who informed him of Bailey's death earlier in the year. Lish then assisted Charley, DI Menzies, and the Sixth Doctor in their investigation and with the situation with the Tabbalac when they boarded Brooks' ship. Lish was shot by the Tabbalac leader during the latter's game with the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Raincloud Man)

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