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Light was a game published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website. It was part of the KS2 Bitesize Science project, where children learned math, English and science by playing video games. The game was narrated by Daniel Anthony. As a reward for finishing the game the children got a Shansheeth comic wallpaper.

Scenario Edit

Light VG2

The player has to lighting up an escape route for Rani Chandra and point the light at Odd Bob

Mr Smith's receiving an emergency signal from Rani Chandra. She went to Spellman's Museum of the Circus to investigate the disappearance of kids, but she's got trapped in the dark hall of mirrors. Clyde has to help Rani to find her way out before she is taken by Odd Bob. Clyde does that by lighting up an escape route. He has a candle, a sonic lipstick, a scanner watch, a torch and a museum ticket which he can use.

How to play Edit

First a light source needs to be selected. Then the pc mouse is needed to rotate the pillars, so that the light reflects on their surfaces and lightens up the escape route. The player also needs to point the light at Odd Bob whenever he appeares.

If the player doesn't succeed at the first time he can repeat the action countless time until he has finally won the game. The game isn't over before that.

The End Edit

Rani gets free and runs away. Odd Bob couldn't take her.

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  • Light on the BBC website.
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