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Life was one of the Menti Celesti, the Eternals who embodied core concepts of the universe and were worshipped on Gallifrey.

Voyager was an agent or embodiment of Life, marked out as higher in the hierarchy of the universe than Rassilon. (COMIC: Voyager) Light, an Eternal himself, (PROSE: Divided Loyalties) was tasked with creating the universal Catalogue of Life. (TV: Ghost Light)

The Eighth Doctor was sometimes referred to as Life's Champion. (PROSE: Vampire Science, The Dying Days)

A mangy old stray tabby cat with common markings began visiting Sam Jones when she was homeless in a shelter in El Nath on the planet Ha'olam. The cat visited Sam each time she returned to El Nath over the next three years, eventually moving into her apartment with Rachel. Petting the cat, Sam reflected that "all it had done was live."

When the cat was attacked by three regal-looking strays in a junkyard, Sam helped nurse it back to health, although she noted that it acted "as if time and pain and death and all that were just minor annoyances."

After Sam left the cat in El Nath, it reappeared in Incopolis, and Sam remembered seeing it earlier in the desert at Hirath. The cat led her to the TARDIS. Later, the Eighth Doctor met the cat outside the TARDIS and recognised it as an "old friend." He thanked her for watching Sam, noting "we each get the kind of life we give ourselves" and "that's the way Life works, doesn't she?" The cat leapt away into the bushes with a glimpse of alien eyes. (PROSE: Seeing I)

At the onset of the War in Heaven, Life fled the universe with her sisters Time and Fate. (PROSE: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Life also featured prominently in Chris McKeon's unlicensed completion of Craig Hinton's Time's Champion.
  • The scene in Seeing I where Sam's cat was attacked by three strays in the alley was adapted from a deleted scene in Orman's The Room With No Doors, where in the TARDIS, Wolsey would dream of meeting a trio of red, white, and black cats representing the gods of Gallifrey, along with a mongrel tabby. In that story, the tabby would have represented Time, the "rose-woman" of Lungbarrow.[1]
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