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License Denied was published in 1997.

Main focus[]

An anthology of Doctor Who fan writing (and drawings) by many names, now well known, associated with Doctor Who in the media.

Publisher's summary[]

The untold story of Doctor Who is the story of fanzines: the magazines produced by the artistic and anarchistic culture called fandom. These publications are controversial, intellectual and witty. And often offensive, rude and scandalous. Their story could only be told unlicensed [sic], making this collection of snippets from fanzines unauthorised, uncensored and unputdownable.

Included are a no-holds-barred interview with Tom Baker, set visits to Carnival of Monsters and The Web of Fear and as much satire, analysis and ranting as any fan could want. With contributions from all over the world and from three decades of fandom, Licence Denied is the book that finally exposes the artistry, rudeness and wit of Doctor Who fandom.

Much to his surprise, Paul Cornell has become a television writer, with credits on The Ward, Springhill and Coronation Street. His own series, Wavelength, was recently screened on Children's ITV. He's also written lots of Doctor Who books, and co-written a number of volumes on cult television. He lives in London.

Notable features[]

Contributers include:

Jan Vincent-Rudzki, Gareth Roberts, Amanda Murry, Lee Binding, Justin Richards, John Binns, Matt Jones, Jackie Marshall, Guy Wigmore, Vanessa Bishop, Andrew Martin, Alec Charles, Tat Wood, Sarah J Groenewegen, Jac Rayner, Colin Brockhurst, John Molyneux, Justin Richards, David Richardson, Ian Berriman, Phillip J Gray, Paul Griffin, Mike Teague, Andy Lane, Dominic May, Thomas Noonan, Daniel O'Mahony,Lance Parkin, Val Douglas, John Connors, Neil Corry, Andrew Martin, Jackie Marshall, David Darlington, Kate Orman, Keith Miller, Nick Cooper and Scott Grey.


  • Gary Russell and Nick Pegg politely declined to have their contributions included.
  • This title was released as a paperback priced £6.99 (UK).
  • Cover design was credited to Slatter~Anderson with cover illustrations by Paul Griffins, Nigel Thomas, Lee Binding, Adrian Salmon and Amanda Kear.

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