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The Liberation of Paris was battle in the Preacher-Cyberman War.

Origins Edit

After helping to defeat the Cyber-Controller and destroy the Cybus factory in London, Mickey Smith of N-Space chose to stay behind in Pete's World to help the Preachers fight the Cybermen, taking the place of his deceased counterpart Ricky Smith. Realising that factories were spread across the Earth, Mickey asked Jake Simmonds if there was a factory in Paris. When Jake answered in the affirmative, Mickey decided that they would liberate Paris. (TV: The Age of Steel)

Battle Edit

Guided by Mickey Smith, a armed zeppelin took to the sky above Paris where it retrieved human civilians as well as scientists, who made repairs to the ship. Cybermen were also present in the city and failed to shoot the zeppelin down. Finally, the zeppelin arrived at the Cybus factory, which it destroyed with an EMP. (GAME: Save Paris)

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