Liam Barnaby was a captain turned Commander-in-chief in the Earth Empire military during the Orion War in the 26th century. However, after growing increasingly suspicious of Paul Hunt and the Scorpius project, found himself involved in a conspiracy orchestrated by the Cybermen.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Liam Barnaby was friends with Admiral Karen Brett for many years, and the two trusted each other implicitly. After winning a battle against the Androids near Orius Beta VIII, Barnaby tried to cheer Karen up after she felt doubts about her methods. Karen and Barnaby were diverted by a private message to the uninhabited Reticek IV, with Barnaby and a surveillance team providing discreet security. There they encountered Paul Hunt for the first time, but Hunt's jamming systems prevented the surveillance team from from hearing him, the frustrated Barnaby moved closer to get a better signal, as Hunt was telling Karen about the Scorpius project. After Hunt's hologram faded away, Barnaby and Karen saw schematics for what he would later learn was a Cyberman. After arriving at the White House for a heroes welcome by President Duncan Levinson, he was assassinated by mysterious figures in spacesuit. Karen was made President by the Senate, and Barnaby was appointed Commander-in-chief after Levinson's assassination. Barnaby was later asked to investigate Scorpius. (AUDIO: Scorpius)

After Paul Hunt became Karen's adviser, Barnaby felt the war was only getting worse, but everyone instead made Karen a cult of personality, being more focused on morale then actually winning the war. Trying to have a meeting with Karen about unsanctioned raids on Android territory, Barnaby found that only Hunt was available. Barnaby became increasingly frustrated with Hunt's patronising attitude and his dancing around his question. While on the way back home by the scenic ocean route, Barnaby was nearly ran off a cliff by another car in an assassination attempt. Barnaby secretly began to investigate Hunt, meeting his ex-girlfriend Samantha Thorn, and lost his job because of his investigations. (AUDIO: Fear)

He accompanied Samantha to a Cyberman conversion ship, where she stopped him from being converted (AUDIO: Conversion) and later to Telos. He saw the futility of the Orion War and joined forces with the androids to stop the Cybermen. (AUDIO: Telos)

He survived the attack on the Antares and was rescued by Louis Richter. (AUDIO: Outsiders)

He was found to be an android collaborator and placed in the brig by Richter however Chessman released him in order to enact a coup. (AUDIO: Terror)

Liam wondered why Richter was so paranoid and discovered that Richter was right about there being a spy on board. (AUDIO: Machines)

He was later sent back to his home conurbation in order to be killed. (AUDIO: Extinction)

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