Liam Barnaby was a captain in the Earth Empire military during the Orion War in the 26th century. Admiral Karen Brett made him her Commander-in-Chief after President Duncan Levinson's assassination. (AUDIO: Scorpius)

He became suspicious of Paul Hunt and lost his job because of his investigations. (AUDIO: Fear)

He accompanied Samantha Thorn to a Cyberman conversion ship, where she stopped him from being converted (AUDIO: Conversion) and later to Telos. He saw the futility of the Orion War and joined forces with the androids to stop the Cybermen. (AUDIO: Telos)

He survived the attack on the Antares and was rescued by Louis Richter. (AUDIO: Outsiders)

He was found to be an android collaborator and placed in the brig by Richter however Chessman released him in order to enact a coup. (AUDIO: Terror)

Liam wondered why Richter was so paranoid and discovered that Richter was right about there being a spy on board. (AUDIO: Machines)

He was later sent back to his home conurbation in order to be killed. (AUDIO: Extinction)

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