Lieutenant Lewis Price, later Colonel Lieutenant Price, was an officer of UNIT in the 1980s.

He was not quite fond of the Fifth Doctor. When he was investigating Fallen Kestrel, he was frequently infuriated by the Doctor's unorthodox methods and his constant undermining of his procedures. When the Doctor requested the Helliax-human hybrid child be taken away in his TARDIS, Price gave him adequate time to leave before UNIT advanced. (AUDIO: The Helliax Rift)

Price called the Doctor back to Earth in his sixth incarnation to investigate a sudden drought effecting Britain. He was captured by the Cybermen and held on their ship, which he escaped along with a Varidian soldier, Atriss. Before he could escape, however, Price was betrayed by the Cybermen's sleeper agent, Daniel Hopkins, who subsequently killed him. (AUDIO: Hour of the Cybermen)

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