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On many occasions, individuals were asked to write letters for Doctor Who Weekly/Doctor Who Magazine. These indivduals included the Fourth Doctor (PROSE: A Letter from the Doctor 1) the Master, (PROSE: A letter from the Master) and Peter Capaldi. (PROSE: A Letter from the Doctor 464, A Letter from the Doctor 500)

Individual letters[]

The Fourth Doctor's letters[]


The Fourth Doctor once wrote and dispatched two letters at a post office on Ganymede on 42 Paztenmber, relative to 1845 "Earth-time", as the Doctor wanted to ensure his letters arrived in time to be printed in the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly.

In the first letter, the Doctor talked about several features in the magazine and recommended the 879th issue, and in the second letter, the Doctor explained how to use the rub-down action transfers included in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th issues on two colour panoramas illustrated by Dave Gibbons. (PROSE: A Letter from the Doctor 1)

The Master's letters[]

The Master once was asked to write an introduction for Doctor Who Magazine, wherein he wrote of his previous attempts to gain recognition in Earth's popular culture. He also disintegrated the editorial team. (PROSE: A letter from the Master)

The Tenth Doctor's letters[]

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Peter Capaldi's letters[]


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Peter Capaldi was asked by Doctor Who Magazine in 2016 to write a letter for their 500th issue. In the letter, Capaldi wrote how he had previously been asked by Doctor Who Magazine to write a letter for either the one-thousandth or one hundred-thousandth issue, but the actor couldn't remember which. He also wrote about how he was proud about the magazine and how it inspired fans to "write their own stories, draw their own pictures, and make their own music and films". (PROSE: A Letter from the Doctor 500)