Leif Larsson was a technician for the Fifth Axis. He and his team were assigned to the Braxiatel Collection in order to inspect the historical records. Mushtaq Anson assigned Bernice Summerfield as Larsson's liaison; Larsson suspected that Anson was afraid Larsson would get full credit for any important discoveries. Benny thought he was attractive but he was actually using an avatar to attract her.

Some time before his posting on the Collection, Larsson found an entity on Morvalvian that could rewrite history. He used it on the Collection to rewrite the history of several of the Axis' conquered planets. He also used it to rewrite Benny's history. He tried to rape her and, when Benny didn't remember this, he shot Joseph to prevent him from telling her. Benny confronted him and the entity, which recognised her as Peter's mother. It didn't like sad stories, so it destroyed Larsson by turning him into a liquid. (PROSE: Fluid Prejudice)

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