The Legion of Smoke was a Roman legion active in the 5th century that secretly collected items of supernatural and extraterrestrial origin to keep them away from public knowledge. The group was founded roughly one thousand years before 451 AD, after King Tarquin the Proud of the Roman Kingdom acquired the Sibylline books from a Tenctrama. Membership of the Legion of Smoke was hereditary, and when a member died it passed from a parent to their eldest child, regardless of gender. By 451 AD, the group was led by Patrician Flavius Aetius and had agents posted throughout the Empire, including Licinia Postuma and Vitus in Gaul. The organization even had records of the Doctor's past visits to Rome and Pompeii, although as of 451 none of their members had definitively met the Doctor or anyone who had met them in turn. (PROSE: Combat Magicks)

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