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Doctor Who: Legacy was a freemium game released to the iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms in the wake of the 50th anniversary special. Initially billed as an adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor at the crux of its events, it continued to update past his era's conclusion in 2013, then transitioned to his successor, the Twelfth Doctor. As character licensing rights were obtained, the game gradually expanded to feature every direct incarnation of the Doctor.

It allowed users to replay the events of several episodes across the series with player-chosen combinations of Doctors, companions, featured guest stars, and other notable characters. Players could replay each episode however they wish, meaning that gameplay was different for all users, and even for each individual.

At launch, the game's story worked backwards through the show's seasons, starting from Series 7 with the intent of working all the way back to An Unearthly Child. But as content out of sequence with the original approach was added (including Series 8 and 9, the classic series, and the Titan Comics publications), the story began focusing on original ideas and adventures, even receiving contributions from writer and fan of the game, George Mann. The cut scenes of the levels remained the same regardless of which characters were on one's team or how many times the level had been played, or the player's overall progress. Due to this, the plot remained consistent for every user on every playthrough.

It was also notable for featuring mentions and appearances of original characters from the expanded Doctor Who universe outside from the TV show, including Abslom Daak, Alice Obiefune, Gabby Gonzalez, Frobisher, Charley Pollard and Liam McShane.

The game was closed down February 18th, 2019 as Tiny Rebel Games focused their development on Infinity (video game).[1] The storylines for Legacy was not completed prior to its closure.

Synopsis Edit

Chapter 1: The Sontaran Threat Edit

The Eleventh Doctor and Vastra arrive in Cardiff on 16 October 1978, discovering that the Earth has been prematurely invaded by the Sontarans, who have acquired time travel and are rewriting the planet's, and the entire universe's, history. The Doctor determines that he must go back through his own personal timeline to defeat them, gathering friends and companions to help him, before its too late. Vastra summons Jenny Flint, and the three go to Hedgewick's World of Wonders during the Cybermen attack to find Porridge, to the Dalek Asylum for Rory Williams, and the Latimer Residence for Jagganth Daiki-Nagata, before moving on further through the Doctor's most recent adventures. They manage to find more companions and halt the Sontaran's operations, but along the way, they find massive paradoxes destabilising time and allowing events that never occurred to happen, such as encounters uniting the Doctors' enemies, along with some events to occur out of sequence, such an encounter with the Silence. Many other skirmishes take place, resulting in Clara Oswald joining the team in 1875 Paris, Sam Garner from the depths of New York City, and John Riddell in a forest in Scotland. Stabilising the paradoxes leads to the Doctor's previous incarnations, including his Tenth, Seventh, and Sixth selves, being sent through time to join the team.

The chapter closes out as the Doctors and his TARDIS team combat the Great Intelligence, in the form of a glowing transparent pyramid, through its activities in London 1892, 2013, and Trenzalore, uniting with the Eighth Doctor along the way, culminating in a confrontation in the Time Vortex where it calls upon Snowmen and the Ice Governess for defence, ultimately falling to the heroes.

Chapter 2: Enter.. the Zygons! Edit

Fending off an attack from a Sontaran Flagship, the TARDIS materialises in modern day London, only for the team to find themselves under attack by Zygons, who have allied with the Sontarans and are being used as reinforcements against the Doctors and his companions. The TARDIS team presses on, going through the events leading up to the Doctor's "death" on Lake Silencio to continue stabilizing time and combating the Sontaran/Zygon menace, continuing to gather allies along the way. More paradoxes also lead to the Third Doctor joining the team. But time continues to collapse, leading to battles against the Weeping Angels over London, a Dalek invasion in 2024, an army of Rorybots, and an "unholy alliance" between the Church and the Daleks. They also encounter a unique series of artificial paradoxes that appear to be the attempts of someone trying to reach them.

The Doctors begin to formulate a plan, trusting in the ingenuity of humans and believing that ensuring the safety of creative and important individuals like Vincent van Gogh and Winston Churchill can limit the fracturing of the timeline. But after facing and defeating Sontaran Captain Vade the Defiant, they are told that forces greater than the Sontaran Empire are after them. Evading enemies from across the collapsing timestream, the TARDIS team follow the trace of another artificial paradox that leads them into the edges of a time storm around December 25th, ensnaring them in a temporal hurricane of snowy weather.

Finally reaching the paradox, the Doctors manage to reverse the polarity of the paradox's neutron flow, allowing Jack Harkness to reach them at last. He informs them of the entry of "an old friend" of theirs into events.

Meanwhile, the First Doctor watches from his own TARDIS the full extent of the Sontarans' plans, and to his horror, the fall of Sontar as an army of Toclafane, led by the Master in his Harold Saxon incarnation, overwhelm the planet and its forces all across time at once.

Chapter 3: The Rise of the Master Edit

The TARDIS team pushes through the time storm, confronting enemies the Doctors have fought previously at Christmastime. They realise Jack Harkness is right as they witness the Sontarans being decimated by Toclafane, as well as from a warning message directly from the Master. They push onward to escape the storm, passing through the Doctor's future in Christmas and uniting with the War Doctor in the process.

Once out, they continue running through time to evade the Master, going through through the early adventures of the Eleventh Doctor in the process. They find time to pick up some of Jack Harkness's allies such as Ianto Jones, and manage to come into contact with the Second and Ninth Doctors. They're also plagued by the generation of bubble universes in the weakened timeline, which pull the the TARDIS into them as quickly as they're created. Observing their efforts, the First Doctor decides now is the time to join his future selves, uniting with them through a paradox surrounded by Adipose.

Not giving up on catching the Doctors, the Master continues to pursue via both his Toclafane and his own past incarnations. As the Doctors evade the Weeping Angels in the caves of Alfava Metraxis, they're confronted by the Master in his decaying form, but the TARDIS team manages to outmatch him. Later, the Master uses his TARDIS to attack the Doctor's through the Time Vortex, but is again bested, leaving a Sontaran Flagship in his wake that forces the TARDIS to materialise on Krop Tor in the middle of the Beast's awakening. Not long after, they face the Master during his UNIT days in a skirmish with the Toclafane in Tarminster, but would once again manage to escape.

In "The Hunt for Greyhound One", following a breach of Toclafane into the TARDIS interior, the Doctors realise that they need an army to fight the Master's forces, and for that, they need a great military leader. The decision to find the Brigadier is made, but to reach him through the weakened timestream, the need to build a specific machine to summon him. Retrieving metal casing from a Silent ship, gears from Starship UK (where they acquire a Winder ally), a sentient lens in the form of the melted Ice Governess, and harnessing the power of the Doctor's tomb on Trenzalore, they manage to retrieve the Brigadier fresh from the 1970s/80s. But the reunion is short-lived as their actions summon "time sundered" Whisper Men that are much more dangerous than before, forcing the team to flee back to the TARDIS. They make a blind jump through time to escape, ending up at Auderly House during the World Peace Conference, where another paradox leads to the Fifth Doctor joining the team.

Chapter 4: Betrayal and Redemption Edit

Now aided by the Brigadier, the TARDIS team determines they need a weapon that can specially hurt the Toclafane. Martha Jones remembers a diary Alison Docherty wrote on combating them during The Year That Never Was, and the Doctors conclude that it might've ended up in their timeline at the Library. But before they can head there, the TARDIS is pulled into the relative future, bringing them to Sherwood Forest in the middle of the Sheriff of Nottingham's fight with the Twelfth Doctor. The TARDIS team helps defeat him, and the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors are shocked at each other's presence before the team returns with him to the TARDIS, which now takes on the Twelfth Doctor's console room design.

Now up to speed, the Twelfth Doctor helps the team fly the TARDIS to the Library, fighting through paradoxes along the way that summon the Fourth Doctor, uniting all thirteen of his incarnations. But as the TARDIS materialises, the Doctors vanish, and the doors open to reveal Professor River Song. The older and more experienced River takes the lead, guiding the companions through the Vashta Nerada into a chamber containing a wealth of books and material pertaining to the Doctor, where Docherty's diary is found. Its information proves immediately useful as the team fends off the Toclafane, the Saxon Master, and Missy as they return to the TARDIS.

The Doctors reappear as the team returns, explaining that a temporary snap in the timelines was to blame, and that the TARDIS should be able to prevent a more serious repeat. With the information from Docherty's diary, the Doctors determine that a tellurian transformer from a Cyberman info-stamp could be plugged into the TARDIS and be able to send a shock through time to disable all Toclafane. As its a rare piece of technology, the Doctors split up to find it. The First Doctor travels to Antarctica and checks the invasion force from the Snowcap invasion for an infostamp, with no luck.

As the Twelfth Doctor, the younger River Song, and Clara Oswald search the 3W Institute, they're confronted by Missy, who summons a Cyberman army and a CyberKing to stop them. River retreats to the TARDIS to secure it while the Doctor and Clara utilise Bessie to escape the CyberKing, which gives chase through the streets of London. After evading its missiles and other attacks in a lengthy pursuit, the Doctor has River land the TARDIS into the ground with enough force to create a chasm in the street, which the CyberKing falls into. The TARDIS team departs London, hoping the others have found an infostamp.

Bigger on the Inside Edit

Prologue Edit

Pixelated Doctors

The Doctor and his companions are affected by the virus.

Some time after all the Doctors have united, a strange metal spikes shoots into the TARDIS through the Time Vortex and pierces the console, spreading a virus that leaves the TARDIS in inner chaos. As it struggles against the infection, the TARDIS's architectural reconfiguration system starts morphing the interior into places it has been previously, recreating enemies the Doctor had fought before. The TARDIS's perception filters are also affected, resulting in the Doctors and companions being made to perceive themselves and the TARDIS as a simplified, pixelated version of their usual appearances.

As the TARDIS's defenses are overwhelmed, the Doctors and companions are teleported into separate instances of the console room. The Tenth Doctor finds himself alone in the Twelfth Doctor's console room, defending himself from Clockwork Droids, before reuniting with Amy and Rory. They defend themselves against Judoon until the console room morphs into the Beast's prison. Running off to force the interior to change again, they manage to morph it into the Farringham School for Boys, where they have to face off against the Family of Blood.

Meanwhile, the First Doctor, in another version of the Twelfth Doctor's console room, manages to find Jack Harkness and Porridge before the interior morphs into Antarctica and pits them against the Cybermen's invasion of Snowcap.

Chapter 1 Edit

The First Doctor, Jack and Porridge continue to fight the Cybermen, the CyberKing, Snowmen, the Ice Governess and Reapers. After defeating all of these, they face off a paradox and continued to search for the TARDIS's actual console room.

Meanwhile, the War Doctor and Cinder encountered the Cloister Wraiths and Weeping Angels down in a room which resembles the Capitol. After they faced more Cloister Wraiths, Cybermen and Daleks, the General appears. From there they enter another room, which recreated the Diner full of Slitheen and the Empty Child. They kept moving and seemingly reach the console room, where Polly, Ace and Sarah Jane greet them. The War Doctor, however, realises these companions Zygons. After defeating them, the Doctor and his companions move on.

In another part of the TARDIS, the Eighth Doctor and Josie Day meet Grace Holloway in a room that resembles like San Francisco, Fighting Sandminer robots and time distortions, they find a door leading them to a malfunctioning TARDIS console. The Doctor is able to fix it with his screwdriver, enabling them to move on to a room that resembles Victorian London, where they face the Fendahleen. Beyond that lies rooms of Tombstone, Vortis, and a castle where Ice Warriors, Judoon, Scarecrows, Oods, more Weeping Angels and paradoxes await them.

Finally the War Doctor, the Eighth Doctor, Cinder, the General, Josie and Grace all reunite in the same room. When several Reapers appear, the Doctors' companions hold them back, while the Doctors went searching for the tertiary console room. On their way, they meet the Sycorax, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and a Dalek, until finally reaching the tertiary room.

The Doctor and Asmuth

The War Doctor and Asmuth fight with three Temporal Weapon Daleks.

The War Doctor then starts to recall relevant events from the Time War, when he confronted Rassilon about time distortions, and was sent along with Asmuth to investigate and destroy their cause.

Four different versions of Asmuth accompanied the Doctor through Estragil, where they faced Daleks and Reapers. During a fight against the Daleks, one of the versions of Asmuth, nicknamed by the Doctor as "Blue" died. Later, "Pretty Boy", another version of Asmuth was also hit by a Dalek and perished. The Doctor went on through the city with the remaining versions of Asmuth, "Green" and "Phyllis", until they were both hit by the Daleks and died. Alone, the Doctor continued his path, until he found the cause of the time distortions, a great beast that could swallow an entire Dalek fleet. Then, the General arrived with a few Gallifreyan soldiers, but the Doctor advised them not to fire at the creature, because not even the Daleks had a chance against it. They retreated, going back to the Capitol.

Sonic Adventure Edit

Following the Cyber-King's defeat, the Master's incarnations meet over the failure of Missy's plan, during which she and the Master in Bruce's body reveal their next move. They use a machine to attack the TARDIS and dematerialise the Doctors' sonic screwdrivers, as well as all the sonic devices carried by his companions, scattering them through time. However, the attack missed the First Doctor's signet ring, which is capable of many sonic feats without using the technology of the screwdrivers. With this as a tool to rediscover the missing devices, the First Doctor, joined by a team made up of Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Jo Grant, and River Song, set off through time on a quest to retrieve the team's sonics.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay takes the form of a role-playing puzzle game, whereas each player has the option of using one Doctor and up to five companions on their team. At the start of the game, only the Eleventh Doctor and Vastra are available to play as, but with each episode and adventure finished, more Doctors and companions are made available to have on the team. The adventures with "Paradox" in the title unlock more Doctors.

During the episodes and adventures themselves, players take turns with the enemy opponent to align colours together. Depending on the colour(s) aligned, a player's team will either heal, attack, or be attacked.

Characters Edit

Doctors Edit

  • An alternate version of the First Doctor from the Sonic Adventures storyline
  • Signature Sixth Doctor (Contains Colin Baker's Signature)

Companions Edit

  • Fan Winston Churchill
  • Captain Jack Harkness (Default, Pixelated default, Pixelated w/ guns, Pixelated shirt, Pixelated captain)
  • An alternate version of Captain Jack from the Sonic Adventures storyline

Enemies Edit

Other Edit

  • The player themselves, interacted with directly in the tutorial by the Eleventh Doctor and Vastra and described as hiding behind some bins during the initial Sontaran invasion. Vastra refers to getting them somewhere safe, but their continued presence is referenced in the Chapter 4 level Silence in the Library, where they are referred to by Jenny Flint as "in the back" of the the group.

Fan Area Edit

The Fan Area is a section of the game unlocked by making a purchase of 6 or more time crystals in a single transaction. New content is added and removed from the Fan Area over time. The Fan Area includes exclusive levels, characters, and outfits. The Fan Area includes 25 levels, 9 companions (8 exclusive), and 3 outfits.

Exclusive companions Edit

  • Fan Churchill
  • Fan Impresario Webley
  • Fan Ood Sigma
  • Fan Jenny
  • Fan Area Strax
  • Fan Rusty
  • Fan Teller
  • Winder (Yellow)
  • Fan Robin Hood
  • Ianto Jones +
  • ARC
  • John Jones

Exclusive outfits Edit

  • Eleventh Doctor- Monk
  • Tenth Doctor- Tuxedo
  • Ninth Doctor- Post-regeneration War Doctor outfit
  • TARDIS - Cobwebby
  • Twelfth Doctor - Last Christmas outfit, Velvet coat
  • Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors - Titan Comics portrait outfits

Expert Levels Edit

The Expert Levels were a special set of levels added in version 2.0. Expert levels were designed to be challenging for expert players. Completing an expert level would grant a more powerful version of a Companion/Doctor at a 100% drop rate. There were 16 experts levels in the "Expert Levels" section, and 1 additional expert level in the fan area. Available characters included:

Doctors Edit

  • First Doctor +
  • Second Doctor +
  • Fourth Doctor +
  • Fifth Doctor +
  • Seventh Doctor +
  • War Doctor +
  • Eighth Doctor +
  • Ninth Doctor +
  • Tenth Doctor +
  • Eleventh Doctor +
  • Twelfth Doctor +
  • A Mad Man with a Box/TARDIS +

Companions Edit

  • Clara Oswald +
  • Amy Pond +
  • River Song + (normal River version and Professor version, both occupying ally slots)
  • Sarah Jane Smith +
  • Rory Williams +
  • Strax +
  • K9 MK 2 +
  • Ianto Jones + (Fan Area)
  • Ace +
  • Captain Jack Harkness +
  • The Brigadier +
  • Martha Jones +
  • Mickey Smith +
  • Vastra +
  • Rose Tyler +
  • Osgood +
  • Kate Stewart +
  • Santa Claus +
  • Jackson Lake +
  • Adipose +
  • Donna Noble +
  • Jenny Flint +
  • Idris +
  • The Moment +

Crew Edit

Tiny Rebel Games Edit

Seed Studio Inc. Edit

Art/design Edit

Programming Edit

Others Edit

Sculpin QA Edit

Notes Edit

Doctor Who Legacy Icon 3.0

Doctor Who: Legacy version 3.0 icon on app stores

  • Promotional codes that could be inputted within the game to unlock costumes, characters, and other helpful items were distributed across Doctor Who media outlets, including the game's Facebook page, Doctor Who Magazine, issues of Titan Comics' Doctor Who titles, Amazon and iTunes listings for episodes of the series, the 50th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray boxset, the Big Finish website, retailer Forbidden Planet, and Doctor Who-themed Humble Bundles.
  • Tiny Rebel Games developers enjoyed a close relationship with Twitch Streamer/Youtuber TheAdipose.TV, joining him in livestreams of the game to preview upcoming content, give away promotional codes, and even conduct interviews with Doctor Who cast and crew.
  • All character additions had to be approved by both the BBC and the characters' actors or their estates. Richard E Grant was the only one to decline, preventing his characters from appearing in the game.
  • Each day of December 2013, promotion codes were added to the game's website's Advent Calendar. Similar advent calendars would follow for the next two years.
  • In early 2014, fans could vote on the game's Facebook page for which "Fan Favourite ally" would be added to the games' roster, with Handles, Stormageddon, Adipose, & Martha Jones becoming the winning additions. Several costumes were also crowdfunded through fan contributions, including the Fourth Doctor's burgundy outfit and Rory's "Last Centurion" armor.
  • Bigger on the Inside's pixelated artstyle was made in collaboration with artist Nathan Skreslet and his PixelWho[2] artwork project.
  • By the game's closure, its content beyond the television series included elements from Big Finish audios, Titan Comics, Doctor Who Magazine comics, the novel Engines of War, and the Doctor Who Experience.
  • During "Bigger on the Inside", the game debuted two fully-original characters, Asmuth and History Eater.
  • At one point, Tiny Rebel Games was in discussions to produce a similar game based on Torchwood.

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