Lee Deverill was a famous Earth anthropologist and travel writer. He was the author of The Complete Guide to the Caribbean Islands.

At some point after the Sycorax invasion of 2006, his group discovered Shadow Cay, an island in the Caribbean not found in Lee's book, which was actually a disguised Sycorax spaceship. Everyone in Lee's group including Lee and his wife Sara was murdered by the Sycorax to be made into zombies, known as human abstracts. Lee's mind was used by the Gilfane Craw as a conduit to control all of the other abstracts, while Lee's consciousness escaped to another random victim. Lee, who was unable to see in this body, assumed he was still himself. He remained on the ship to seek revenge on the Gilfane Claw for murdering Sara.

Long after this, in 2009, Lee hid the Tenth Doctor in a house on the Cay to prevent him from being brought into the Church of the Sycorax to be killed. After being separated from the Doctor, the Gilfane Craw captured Lee and questioned him on why he was not under her "spell". When the Doctor arrived, and revealed to Lee that his body was still linked to the Sycorax mainframe, Lee, describing himself as "the nightmares of one dead man trapped in the body of another", pushed the Gilfane Craw into the acid of the lithic womb to end his pain, killing them both. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)

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