Lee Binding is a graphic designer who has worked in various areas of Doctor Who graphic design.

He was originally the design consultant for the BBCi story Shada.

He was cover artist for the first three series of the Gallifrey series and the entire Sarah Jane Smith series from Big Finish Productions, as well as a regular contributor to the Main Range under producer Gary Russell. He later contributed cover art for the Big Finish Torchwood series and the company's adaptation of Nightshade.

He eventually became chief graphic designer for promotion and merchandise for the BBC Wales series, creating numerous graphic illustrations including the "movie posters" used for the promotion of Series 7, the 2013 specials and Series 8. He was also the cover artist for numerous New Series Adventures, as well as deluxe standalone novels from BBC Books.

He also initially made irregular contributions to the Doctor Who DVD range, before ultimately replacing Clayton Hickman as principal designer.

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