Cyber-Leader under Stonehenge

The Cybermen led by a Cyber-Leader. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

A leader was someone who in charge of others.

Cyber-Leader was a rank used by the Cybermen, (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen) above Cyber-Lieutenant and subordinate to the Cyber-Controller. (TV: Earthshock, Attack of the Cybermen) It included the divisions of Senior Leader and Junior Leader. (PROSE: Attack of the Cybermen) Cyber-Leaders were typically denoted by their black side handles of the Cyber-helmet, (TV: Earthshock) while others had additional black headblocks (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen) or black faceplates, (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) while only the corners of Leader Ashad's side handles were black. (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen) Early CyberMondasian leaders had no such distinguishing features. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet)

Ergu was the leader of the Tarls when the Fourth Doctor and Leela visited E9874. (AUDIO: The Exxilons)

The Authority was the leader of the Vrill. (AUDIO: Survival of the Fittest)

The Skaros of Skarium was considered the leader of the Skarians. (PROSE: A Tricky Problem for the Doctor)

Mike Leader was a fictional character created from the mind of a young girl on the Crooked World. He was the leader of the Skeleton Crew. (PROSE: The Crooked World)

Fadros Pallujikaa was the leader of the Sycorax who tried to take over the Earth in 2006. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse, TV: The Christmas Invasion)

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