Lady Leabie Susan Inyathi Forrester was Roz Forrester's sister, and the fifteenth Baroness of Io. After Roz's death, she was made Empress of the Earth Empire. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin) She also had a daughter, Thandiwe Forrester.

Within five years of becoming Empress, Leabie dismantled the Empire, granting independence to every planet whether they wanted it or not. Following the collapse of the Empire, the Cimliss arrived to hand out food to the starving population. However, the food was infected with a virus that turned humans into Cimliss. Leabie became infected with the virus, so she sent her daughter away in a spaceship and set off into the wasteland, hoping to unite the remains of her people against the Cimliss, before she became one herself. (PROSE: Dependence Day)