The Lazarus Intent was a religious organisation founded somewhere around the 63rd century. Its main purpose was to find some form of time travel which would enable them to rescue their saviour, Lazarus, from being killed by the Sontarans. During the intervening five millennia, it also brought faith and comfort to large portions of the galaxy.

In fact, the Intent was created by criminal kingpin Maximillian Arrestis as an insurance policy to escape death. The Sontarans had killed him for a business deal gone bad.

Alexhendri Lassiter developed a time machine around the 108th century and used it to fulfil the Intent. This was because his then-lover, Hellenica Monroe was an extremely devout member of the religion. Discovering the truth, he did not tell Monroe because he felt it would destroy her faith.

Later, Arrestis revealed who he was and told Monroe to send him to Hexdane via time gate to take over the Intent. However, she changed the coordinates from the present to the past, returning him to Sontar a moment after he was originally extracted. Thus the Lazarus Intent ultimately failed, but Sven Tornqvist, another senior member of the Intent, mused that this failure was not a bad thing as he had already come to recognise that Lazarus would never be able to live up to his image even if he hadn't been Arrestis. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

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