Laurence Scarman was a scientist, and brother of Marcus Scarman.

He lived in a small English village, at the lodge of his family home, in 1911 and invented a primitive radio telescope, which he referred to as a Marconiscope.

After encountering the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane, he got involved with the Doctor's battle against Sutekh, who had reanimated the corpse of his brother, and even travelled briefly in the Doctor's TARDIS — which he described as being "like something by that novelist chap, Mr Wells!" — when the Doctor took him and Sarah to an alternate future Earth to show what the world would be like if Sutekh broke free of his bonds in 1911.

Lawrence originally refused to accept that Marcus was dead and tried to prevent the Doctor's attempt to break Sutekh's control. Later, he tried to reason with Marcus and remind him of his past. Although he seemed at first to be getting through to the real Marcus, the conditioning was too strong. Marcus interrogated and then strangled Laurence. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

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