Laurence was a man who worked in a factory until he was injured on the job. He was then confined to a wheelchair. He had a caretaker named Ellen, with whom he fell in love.

She took him to the factory to see his old workmates. While there, the factory was overrun by "things", from which they were rescued by the Fourth Doctor and his "pretty" friend.

One day Ellen told Laurence she was getting married and that he would be getting a new caretaker. The new caretaker never arrived because, unknown to Laurence, his life was part of a storytelling machine that had been stopped, preventing his life from advancing any further. He was visited by the Sixth Doctor, who promised that one day he would fix Laurence's life. (PROSE: Telling Tales)

The Eighth Doctor was finally able to fix Laurence's life by destroying the storytelling machine. (PROSE: Seven Deadly Sins)

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