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Lauren Anderson, later known as Lor or Lorre, was a human medical doctor. She shared a flat with Ray Lambert.


While working in St John's Hospital, she oversaw the Cyberon drug tests, alongside Tom Mordley. Despite her concerns about the tests, she became romantically involved with Mordley. She was injected with Cyberon and came close to willingly converting, but fought the process off and managed to disrupt the Cyberon's plans. Afterwards, she felt to blame for raising her patient's hopes only to deny them the drug that would've healed them. (PROSE: Cyberon)

Around a week after the events at Tom's house, Louise Bayliss visited Lauren in her flat, to inform her that Tom had died. (PROSE: The Last Dose)

While working in St Kitts Hospital, she started treating Mike Kirkwood and later engaged in a romantic relationship with him. Lauren was later turned into a Zygon by Torlakh. He attempted to frame her for the mass murder of patients and doctors at St Kitts, adopting her appearance, but Lauren turned his plan against him by shooting him while he was still wearing her appearance, thus efficiently faking her death. (HOMEVID: Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough)

Adopting the name "Lor", the newly-minted shapeshifter went on the run, leaving London. However, many years later, she was reunited with an individual claiming to be Michael. Falling under his spell again, she let herself be persuaded by "Michael" to move back to London. However, she noticed that she was feeling more and more irrationally depressed the more time she spent with Michael. On 3 March 2021, she sought the help of the Preternatural Research Bureau, the only organisation dealing with the supernatural which she felt she could trust not to kill her or imprison her.

She mailed documents proving her identity and innocence of the St Kitts murder to Giles and made an appointment with him. There, after she began explaining her problem to Giles, they were confronted with "Michael", whom Giles recognised as a love wraith called Stacey Facade, who had once tried to hypnotise Giles himself. Stacey demanded to be given back Lor, who, due to her alien DNA, was the only viable food source she had left on Earth. After Giles and Maxie refused to let Stacey get at Lor, Giles was forced to shoot Stacey, seemingly killing her.

Giles and Lor subsequently became good friends. (HOMEVID: Lauren Anderson)

In the 31st century, Lor (under the name Lorre) was still alive and part of a group of shapeshifting missionaries. With the Cyberon war over, Lorre's colleagues wanted to use the Cyberon drug for agriculture and Lorre, not trusting it ever since 2000, called in Chris Cwej to prove it was unsafe and then destroy the site. Lorre assumed the Cyberons had finally been all destroyed. (PROSE: Barnyard of the Cyberons)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Anderson originated in BBV's direct-to-video film Cyberon , but that series is not covered by this wiki since it holds no legal licence and has nothing to do with pre-existing DWU characters. However, the novelisation of the film is covered, due to the presence of DWU characters.
  • Lorre the 'shapeshifter' appeared in the Cyberon anthology before Lauren Anderson. While implied to be Lauren, it doesn't specify how and relies on the reader being aware of Zygon.