Professor Laura Mulholland was a scientist.

She was the inventor of the G-bomb. Before meeting the Second Doctor, the consequences of her creation made her hang herself several months after inventing the bomb. Her suicide note read:

"I was arrogant and blinkered enough to open Pandora's box. I cannot live with the demons I have released."

After meeting the Doctor, though, the cause of her death changed. The Selachians were going to take the last G-bomb, which was on the Triumph, and use it to destroy Earth. Unable to defuse it in time, she climbed on top of it with a grenade. She was gunned down by the Selachians, but not before activating the grenade. Four seconds later, the explosion cause the G-bomb to detonate, destroying the ship and all the Selachians on it. (PROSE: The Final Sanction)

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