The Laundromat belonged to Miguel Gonzalez and was advertised as the Sunset Park newest laundromat. It was the only Mexican-owned laundromat in New York City.

It had the main entrance from the street, with steel security screens to protect the big display windows. There was also a back entrance.

Gabby Gonzalez worked in the Laundromat at the insistence of her father, Miguel Gonzalez. Her sister's fiancé, Hector also worked there.

On the day before Halloween, as Cindy was visiting her friend, all washing machines began a spin cycle on their own, resulting in an explosion of water and wet clothes, when a interdimensional bridge to an alien planet opened and Cerebravores arrived on Earth.

Gabby and Cindy cleared the mess while Hector berated them. Later, when Hector returned to the Laundromat, he was attacked by a Cerebravore who took the shape of the Devil.

The next day, on Halloween, the Tenth Doctor's investigations of the source of psychic activity brought him into the laundromat, where he was discovered by Gabby. Later that day he returned there with Gabby and travelled to the world of Cerebravores over the bridge. While he was there, the laundromat was accosted by a mob of humans controlled by Cerebravores, including Gabby's friend Cindy. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

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