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Captain Latimer was a wealthy widower in the late 19th century and the father of Digby and Francesca. Among his household staff were maid Alice and governess "Miss Montague" whom he hired after the drowning death of his children's prior governess. He found himself quite impressed by, and attracted to, Clara, but declined to act upon his attraction. (TV: The Snowmen)

Personality Edit

Latimer had a reserved personality and was unable to be open about his thoughts and feelings. He had trouble talking to children, claiming that it was "not his area of expertise." He was quite reliant on "Miss Montague" and generally let her talk to his children. Latimer was attracted to her, noting that she was very pretty but then hastily replaced pretty with the word "young," as he was unable to confess that he had feelings for her. He also showed some slight jealousy when he learned that Montague had a "gentleman friend" and surprised when he learned that her real name was Clara. (TV: The Snowmen)

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