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Last Minute Shopping was the tenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury. It was written by Neil Perryman. It featured the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough.


The Doctor takes Tegan and Turlough to Earth on Christmas Eve in the 21st century so they can do some Christmas shopping. As Tegan heads off on her own, the Doctor and Turlough agree to concentrate on gifts for Tegan, though neither has an idea what to buy for her. They separate.

Tegan finds a sock and tie set for Turlough, then sees a compass that looks like a fob watch in a jewellery store. When she tries to pay for it, some of her money is no longer in circulation, and the jeweller won't take her credit.

Turlough, having no idea what to do, is accosted by a man who thinks he's part of a group of office personnel who are celebrating the holiday. He manages to escape, and on the advice of one of the office workers, heads for a store specialising in ladies' clothing. A shop assistant helps him, but she finds his attempts to describe Tegan's measurements hilarious. He spends almost two hundred pounds.

The Doctor thinks that Tegan might like a book, but the book store he chooses doesn't have what he wants. He wants a first edition, but the manager tells him it will take a week. The Doctor contemplates going back in time to order the book a week ago, and asks the manager to check his records again. When the book is still not here, he wonders what will happen to prevent his going back in time.

Tegan takes the watch and runs, rationalising that her future self will pay the rest of the money. She is stopped by a Santa Claus who is actually a policeman. She knees him in the groin and runs. She collides with Turlough, who is coming out of the clothing store. Santa tackles her and she yells for Turlough's help.

The Doctor notes that there is some commotion in the street, and is not surprised to see his companions the centre of it. They have tackled Santa and tied him up with the clothing from Turlough's shopping. He drags his companions back to the TARDIS.

Safely home, Tegan notes that the Doctor didn't get her a gift. Turlough says he did get her a gift, but it was scattered all over the street when she collided with him. She is offended that those items of clothing were for her.

She gives Turlough his socks and tie. She gives the Doctor the watch, and is pleased with his reaction. However, the hands start spinning and the glass cracks. The Cloister Bell begins to ring.




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  • While shopping, Tegan realises that she can't remember the last time she enjoyed herself so much, not counting the time she shot a Cyberman point-blank in the chest. (TV: Earthshock)