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Last Man Running was the fifteenth novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Chris Boucher, released 7 September 1998 and featured the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

Publisher's summary[]

Eager for solitude away from the TARDIS and the endlessly inquisitive Leela, the Doctor steps out onto a benign-looking planet. But the apparent tranquillity hides a terrifying secret...

The TARDIS has arrived on a world of violence, where hideous creatures hunt and kill endlessly, vying for supremacy at the top of the food chain. But is evolution on the planet natural or engineered by some higher power? And why has an aggressively suspicious alien police force sent a secret mission here?

With no one safe from the planet's tireless predators, Leela's warrior instincts are tested to the full. The Doctor, meanwhile, begins to suspect that there is a scientific purpose to the planet — one married to a sinister intelligence.

Whatever the data being collated from the planet, the Doctor soon realises its usage may have far-reaching consequences for all humanity...


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  • Bloodswimmers are parasitic worms native to Leela's planet.
  • The Doctor carries in his pockets some coins, a penknife, and a gold nugget shaped like a duck.
  • Leela calls the TARDIS a "travelling hut" but she knows what TARDIS stands for.
  • The Doctor gets his scarf ruined.



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