Lasagna was a food eaten on Earth.

Gwen Cooper enjoyed lasagna. (AUDIO: Everyone Says Hello) Jack Harkness once heard Gwen talking on the phone to Rhys Williams about lasagna. (AUDIO: In the Shadows) After her first day at Torchwood, Jack told Gwen to go home, eat lasagna and kiss Rhys like a "normal" human being. (TV: Day One)

In 2013, Charlie Gibbs ordered seafood lasagna from The Pescadorian. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

When Journey Blue told the people who were going inside the moleculon nanoscaler not to hold their breaths as the nanoscaler engaged, the Twelfth Doctor compared what would happen to a person that did hold their breath to lasagna that was microwaved without the film on top of the dish being pricked first. Clara Oswald said that the lasagna would explode, and the Doctor responded, "Don't be lasagna." (TV: Into the Dalek)

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