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Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a city located in Nevada. The Twelfth Doctor described it as "a place of shattered dreams, lost innocence, dashed hope, and frittered-away fortunes". (COMIC: Gangland)

The Brenda Soobie incarnation of Iris Wildthyme frequented Vegas. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Bafflement and Devotion, Party Fears Two)

After an incident in which Nyssa demonstrated a knowledge of the algorithmic principles of fruit machines, the Fifth Doctor told her to remind him never to take her to Las Vegas - a sentiment Turlough disagreed with, preferring the opposite. (AUDIO: Eldrad Must Die!)

The Eleventh Doctor once unsuccessfully attempted to take Clara Oswald to Vegas. (TV: Cold War)


Las Vegas was founded by Bugsy Siegel. (COMIC: Gangland)

Around 1 December 1955, Frank Sinatra was playing in Las Vegas. He borrowed Elvis Presley's mobile phone around this time and because of this the Thirteenth Doctor was able to arrange for Elias Griffin Jr and his wife to get VIP access to Sinatra's show. (TV: Rosa)

In 1960, the Eighth Doctor dropped off Fitz Kreiner and Flossie in Vegas to investigate Brenda Soobie. They found Brenda at the Hotel Miramar and encountered agents of MIAOW. Fitz, Flossie, Brenda, and Noël Coward were captured by Mida Slike and taken to dogworld. After Margaret was defeated on dogworld, Coward used the Blithe Pinking Shears to bring Brenda, Flossie, the Doctor, Fitz, Anji Kapoor, and Fritter to Vegas. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

The Twelfth Doctor took Clara Oswald to Vegas in 1963. With the help of the Wolf Pack and the local mafia, they managed to thwart an invasion by the Cybock Imperium. (COMIC: Gangland)

In 1971, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited Vegas. (PROSE: Priceless Junk)

The Tenth Doctor and Heather McCrimmon visited Deep Ocean, a huge, Luxembourg-sized underground biosphere that had been constructed in the city. There, the duo encountered a Thalatth, a species capable of extraordinary metamorphosis. (COMIC: Hook, Line and Sinker)

The Seventh Doctor once took Bernice Summerfield and Chris Cwej to Vegas. (PROSE: Too Rich for My Blood)

Behind the scenes[]

Space Vegas[]

In NOTVALID: Bodyswap to the Proms, the mini-episode broadcast with Doctor Who at the Proms in 2013, the Eleventh Doctor claims he bought his Hyperscape Body Swap Ticket from a man from "Space Vegas". One of these tickets would later appear on Clara Oswald's wall in TV: Dark Water.

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