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Lawrence "Larry" Nightingale was a movie buff who worked in a book and DVD shop with Sally Sparrow.


He first met Sally Sparrow (a friend of his sister, Kathy) when he was walking naked around his sister's flat. He knew of the easter-eggs on 17 DVDs containing the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

Sally told him that his sister had gone on a trip when she had in fact been transported to Hull on 5 December 1920 by the Weeping Angels. Kathy got married to Ben Wainwright, lived a full life, and died in 1987. Unbeknownst to him, Larry had a niece and two nephews older than he was. They also spoke about the easter-egg, Larry describing it as a "ghost DVD extra" which not even the manufacturers or the publishers know anything about. He deduced that it was half of a conversation and he and "the guys" (the Internet) were trying to figure out the other half. He gave Sally the list of 17 DVDs containing it before she left.

Sally later found out that the easter-egg was meant for her, inserted on all of the DVDs she owns by Billy Shipton, who had been transported back to 1969. She and Larry went to Wester Drumlins where they watched the DVD extra again, Larry writing in their bits of the conversation in short-hand.

They confronted the Weeping Angels, Larry nearly getting sent back by one when he looked behind him. They successfully returned the TARDIS to the Doctor and Martha and trapped the Angels by making them look at each other. Sally and Larry began running the video-store together. One day the following year, Larry found Sally sorting things from their encounter into a folder, wondering if it was getting in the way of "other things". They soon after met the Doctor and Martha in person, and walked back in the store holding hands. (TV: Blink)

By 2021, Larry was married to Natasha. He responded to Professor Grey’s request on Into The Unknown for information about Wester Drumlins. He and Natasha met Grey and Larry told him about the Weeping Angels. He also persuaded Grey to re-release an article about a police box seen in 1955 Alabama. (PROSE: Life is strange...and precious.) Rani Chandra contacted Larry about his sister’s disappearance during her investigation into Wester Drumlins. He encouraged her investigation, but warned her to stay away from Wester Drumlins itself. At this time Larry was attempting to dissuade a Mr Flint from his plans to renovate Wester Drumlins, afraid of what he might unleash. Larry wrote a guest article for Into The Unknown about his experiences with Rani and fears of what Mr Flint’s plans could cause. (PROSE: A Warning to the Incurious) After Natasha disappeared, Larry asked Grey to share it on Into The Unknown in case anyone knew anything. (PROSE: Quick favour) Larry himself disappeared not long afterwards. (PROSE: The Angels are Coming)

Personality and traits[]

Larry was a human male who was a fan of films. He was fascinated by the mystery of (TV: Blink) the Easter Egg Man. (PROSE: The Secret Lives of Monsters)