Larry Madison was a human who lived during the Daleks' invasion and occupation of Earth.

He smuggled himself aboard a Dalek saucer that was heading towards the Daleks' Bedfordshire mine, and planned to rescue his brother Phil. However, he was captured by the Roboman Jack Craddock, but was saved from Craddock by Ian Chesterton.

They disembarked the saucer at the mine and met Wells, one of the slaves. He told them about the black marketeer Ashton, who smuggled people out of the camp. Ian planned to meet Ashton later that night and they left Wells.

They found Ashton's hut, but Ashton held them at gunpoint and told them to go back out until Wells arrived with some jewellery. Ashton gave them food, but the Slyther attacked the hut, killing Ashton. Ian, Larry and Wells fled, but Wells going in the opposite direction. Ian and Larry jumped into a mining bucket, hoping the Slyther couldn't jump, but it did, but Ian hit it with a rock, causing it to fall to its death. They planned to stay in the bucket for a while longer to be safe, but the bucket started to descend. When the bucket stopped, they decided to jump out of it before it dumped them. However, when Larry began to jump, the bucket started to tip, and Larry caught his kneecap on the bucket. Unable to walk, they decided to get under cover.

They hid behind some baskets, where Larry told Ian that his brother thought the Daleks wanted the magnetic core of Earth. However, Robomen and slaves came into the area they were in, and Wells came and told them they had to move. Larry and Ian pretended to be workers, but a Roboman halted them, saying that there were too many people in the working party. Larry realised it was his brother, Phil, who had been converted into a Roboman. Larry tried to make Phil remember him, even offering to take him to his wife Angela. Seeing that Phil was preparing to shoot them as runaways, Larry told Ian to run and then attacked his brother. Phil fired a short burst from his machine gun, mortally wounding Larry, but not before Larry strangled Phil. Both brothers died, and Phil's humanity appeared to return in his dying moments, with his last word being a strangled "Larry..." (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

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