Lanzarote was one of the Canary Islands, (PROSE: Synthespians™) off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. (TV: Planet of Fire) This island was governed by Spain. (PROSE: Pack Animals)


Lanzarote was volcanic. (AUDIO: Nevermore)


On 9 May 1984, (AUDIO: The Reaping) the Fifth Doctor, Turlough and Kamelion visited Lanzarote, where they met Peri Brown. (TV: Planet of Fire) Peri, who had been holidaying there with her family, joined the TARDIS crew, and her family didn't learn of her departure until 24 September in the same year. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

In 2009, Banana Boat was arrested in Lanzarote for selling counterfeit DVDs. Ianto Jones lied to the Spanish police to get him released. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

When asked about her holiday experiences, Donna Noble listed Lanzarote among the locations which she had visited. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)


The Tenth Doctor commented that the desert planet Karris "...doesn't seem to have much more going for it than Lanzarote" when on board the Sword of Justice during a visit to the Andromeda Galaxy. (PROSE: Shining Darkness)

Behind the scenes[]

Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, was the first non-European filming location for Doctor Who. In Planet of Fire, the island doubled as both itself and as the alien planet Sarn. 2014 saw a new Doctor Who production team return to Lanzarote to film scenes set on the lunar surface for Kill the Moon.