The Lammasteen were a race of aliens, who used "non-technological" technology.

History Edit

When the Eleventh Doctor was stranded on 21st century Earth, he constructed a scanning device out of junk and household utensils, evoking the Lammasteen's devices. When he shared his knowledge with Craig Owens, Craig understood its function. (TV: The Lodger)

The Eleventh Doctor also used the technology of Lammasteen to create a rudimentary generator out of an egg-beater and corkscrew when the Dream Lord turned off the power in the TARDIS. No explanation for the technology was given at the time. (TV: Amy's Choice)

Behind the scenes Edit

According to The Brilliant Book 2011, a non-narrative based reference book:

  • The Lammasteen were humanoid, with green-brown skin and large foreheads.
  • There was a picture matching this description on the wall of Craig's hallway.
  • The Lammasteen utilised a unique and arcane form of science; by balancing the resonances of shapes exactly, they could create sophisticated machines out of ordinary objects.
  • At one time, the Lammasteen homeworld was beset by a terrible plague. They were saved by the Doctor, who was rewarded by the Oligarch of Lammasteen with a toaster, which he initially mistook for a shower unit.
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