It's all a myth really

Ace rises from Lake Vortigern with Excalibur in hand. (TV: Battlefield)

Lake Vortigern was a body of water in England, outside Carbury. It was said that King Arthur of England obtained the legendary sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, whose hand had risen from the Lake holding onto the sword.

At the bottom of the lake was a transdimensional ship which contained King Arthur's suit of armour, a note from an alternative future Doctor and an energy creature which functioned as the ship's defence system. The ship could be accessed by an underground tunnel. (TV: Battlefield)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Vortigern was the title of a Romano-British chieftain who was involved in both the Saxon invasion of Britannia under Hengist and Horsa, as well as some of the King Arthur legends.
  • Like "Carbury", the place-name "Lake Vortigern" is fictional. According to folkore, however, Dozmary Pool in Cornwall is the lake into which Excalibur was thrown.
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