Lahn was a desert planet home to the wolf-like lahndinians and a race of green-skinned humanoids. Lahn carpets were able to fly.

In Lahn's early history, during the time of the 32nd Triumvirate, Shalabar Scone mapped out a spice route through Lahn's desert.

Many years later, the Lahn desert was ruled by Boabdil and his gang of Lahndinians. The Twelfth Doctor came to Lahn in this era and travelled with a caravan along Shalabar Scone's spice route. During the trip, he met and befriended the student Estrella. The caravan was attacked and raided by Boabdil's gang and Estrella was kidnapped. Estrella was taken to Boabdil, who on a whim ordered her to be executed.

The next day, Estrella was chained to post to be eaten by Boabdil's executioner. The Doctor disguised himself as a juggler and distracted the Executioner with fruit. He broke Estrella's chains with an axe and the two ran away from Boabdil's palace. They went into a marketplace and escaped from Boabdil's gang on a flying carpet. (COMIC: The Spice Route)