Lady Christina: Series One was a full cast audio anthology released in August 2018 by Big Finish Productions. It starred Christina de Souza, played by Michelle Ryan.

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1. It Takes a Thief by John Dorney

The French Riviera has always provided rich pickings for the aristocratic cat-burglar. Lady Christina is enjoying the high life while adding to her collection.

But when suspicion falls on her after a robbery-turned-murder, Christina decides to catch the culprit herself...

2. Skin Deep by James Goss

Sylvia Noble always knew she deserved better. So, when a chance encounter with aristocracy propels her out of Chiswick and into high society, she's delighted.

But the beautiful people have their own agenda – and Christina is surprised when those plans involve her father.

3. Portrait of a Lady by Tim Dawson

When her plot to steal a priceless painting runs into trouble, Christina crashes into an undercover UNIT operation – and Sam Bishop.

Soon, her Number 200 bus is racing from Europe to South America and into the depths of the Pacific, chasing a mysterious and unstoppable foe...

4. Death on the Mile by Donald McLeary

Lady Christina has been offered a job: the heist of a lifetime. She simply has to break into Edinburgh Castle.

At the same time, UNIT are investigating alien activity at the Military Tattoo. And where there's treasure and treachery, there are also Slitheen....

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# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 It Takes a Thief John Dorney Helen Goldwyn Bishop 23 August 2018 BFPDWCHRISTINA01
1.2 Skin Deep James Goss Bishop, Sylvia
1.3 Portrait of a Lady Tim Dawson Bishop, Sontarans
1.4 Death on the Mile Donald McLeary Bishop, Jacqui, Slitheen

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Christina original

The original cover of the anthology.

  • On the August 17, prior to the series release, the Big Finish Instagram account released the official theme tune.

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