Lachele Carl is an American actress living in England. She played Trinity Wells in several episodes of Doctor Who and its spin-offs, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. She is the only actor to play a named character in three of the four BBC Wales series, and one of only two actors (the other being Anthony Debaeck) to play the same character in all three. She has also been interviewed by Doctor Who Confidential in Lords and Masters and narrated the documentary The Companions.

Carl studied theatre arts at Point Park University (then called Point Park College) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1977 to 1982. She began travelling in search of acting work, working in Japan, Europe and South Africa as well as her home in the United States. She emigrated to England in 1985 and now lives in Crouch End, North London with her husband, composer Alejandro Viñao, and their son Matteo.[1]

Outside the Doctor Who franchise, Carl has appeared as Sheriff Rhonda Tate in the Dark Shadows range of audios by Big Finish Productions. [2]

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