You may be looking for the Laan.

Laan Carder was the leader of the religion Lucidianism. He was a wise old man adept at "minor miracles", although his miracles have also been called "little magic tricks". He was very charming and charismatic. He claimed to be the only one to have seen Miraculite, the god of Lucidianism. He attempted to get the Bordinan to step down and allow Lucidianism to spread throughout the entire Multihaven, but the Bordinan declined. After the Bordinan tried to expel all Lucidians from the Multihaven, Laan vaporised the Bordinan with a blast of Miraculite energy.

He could not remember what he was before coming across Miraculite because he was artificially created from Miraculite energy. The only thing keeping him corporeal was his faith in himself, and once the Doctor explained to Laan what he really was, Laan's faith in himself began to fade, thus his entire being went out of existence. (AUDIO: Faith Stealer)

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