Kylo Sorsha was a prince of the Royal House of Sorsha in the Drashani Empire. He was also a pyrokinetic, although he was unable to control this ability without the use of medication and would risk flaring up if he was emotionally provoked. To end a civil war, he was pledged to marry Princess Aliona of the rival Royal House of Gadarel. On the way to the wedding, her ship crashed on Sharnax. Kylo mounted an expedition to rescue her.

However, he found out that she had agreed to the marriage only to obtain Sorshan DNA, using pheromones to manipulate his own emotions. Her people could then use their giant Pulse Gun to wipe out the Sorshans. The plan failed and she was killed. However, Kylo's hand was severed and he was stranded on Sharnax, presumed dead. (AUDIO: The Burning Prince)

He lived on Sharnax for more than 25 years. However, Sharnax's atmosphere was mildly acidic, and after spending so long on the planet, he became hideously disfigured.

Later, under the name of Tenebris, he joined the Wrath in attacking the Drashani Empire. (AUDIO: The Acheron Pulse)

Fifty years later, he employed Vienna Salvatori to search for the Doctor, which she succeeded in doing. He also cloned Aliona to be his servant. He was annoyed at what had happened to his empire because of the Wrath, and sought to force the Doctor to re-reprogram the Wrath to make them loyal to him. (AUDIO: The Shadow Heart)

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