Kygon Brox was a Sontaran commander and warlord belonging to the "glorious" Eighth Battle Fleet.

In 1941, he and a small retinue came to Earth after the Sontaran world engine weapon, the Warsong, was discovered and began reactivating. Kygon and his group hid among the Tuareg tribesmen so as not to alert the Rutans. After believing the Twelfth Doctor had arrived to steal the Warsong, Kygon attached his mind to the Doctor's with a mind scythe to try and interrogate him. The Doctor made the link go the other way, and Kygon explained the history of the weapon to him. Kygon watched from a distance as the weapon was activated by the Rutan Heinz Bruckner.

Believing the Doctor was going to seize the Warsong for the Sontarans, Kygon worked with the Doctor on a plan to break through the defences of the Warsong while it was still growing. While following behind the Doctor and Field Marshal Rommel as they breached the Warsong, Kygon suffered mortal injuries. He passed a Sontaran osmic projector to the Doctor, who sent the Warsong's control device through time. Expecting to direct the Warsong towards the Rutans with his dying breath, Kygon realised the Doctor had lied to him. The Doctor destroyed the Warsong with his sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)

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