Kwundaar was a being from the pre-universe who created the Source for the Trakenites. However, he was forsaken by the people of Traken after completing the Source and spent the next 2500 years waiting on the edge of the Traken union for a chance to regain his position as the "living god" of the Trakenites. Requiring a native of Traken who had left the union to carry out his plan, Kwundaar chose the Doctor's companion Nyssa and, through her, hoped to trick the Fifth Doctor into giving him control of the Source once again. His plan failed when the Doctor turned the power of the Source against him, setting up Traken's tradition of Keepers in the process. However, as Kwundaar was destroyed by the Source, he sent out a signal for other Primeval beings to come back into the universe, and marked the Doctor for them. (AUDIO: Primeval)

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