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Kursaal was the name the Gray Corporation gave to their Class Two leisure world in the Cronus system. It contained a huge theme park and other amenities.

History Edit

The Eighth Doctor once took Sam Jones to Kursaal to give her a luxurious holiday. He enticed her to go by having her "imagine Disneyland meets Babylon 5". However, the TARDIS landed a few years too early and they became involved in the controversy surrounding the construction of the resort. (PROSE: Kursaal)

Background Edit

Although the Gray Corporation saw no great distinction between the theme park and the planet, others certainly did. There were some who remembered that the planet's real name was "Saturnia Regna". Prior to Gray's purchase of the planet, it had had a sparse population of human or humanoid colonists, most of whom had been subsistence farmers, and all of whom had been bought out by Gray Corp.

However, a thousand years before these colonists, the planet had had non-human inhabitants, the vulpine Jax species. Their archaeological remains concerned the pressure group Helping All Life Forms (HALF), who wanted to halt construction of Kursaal lest it eradicate invaluable artefacts. (PROSE: Kursaal)

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