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Kronkburgers were a type of food commonly eaten by humans.

Kronkburgers were popular for many thousands of years in the various Earth Empires. In the 23rd century, kronkburgers were served at the restaurant of the Full Moon nightclub on New Vegas. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper)

In the 25th century, poorly cooked kronkburgers were sold at the Blue Hawaii Food Court on New Memphis. (PROSE: Judgement of the Judoon)

Kevin the Black Shadow monster enjoyed kronkburgers. (PROSE: The Resurrection Casket)

In the 150th century, kronkburgers were sold on Reblais Beta. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

In the year 200,000, kronkburgers were sold by a chef on Satellite Five. Individual kronkburgers were priced at 2 credits 20, and could be served with cheese or pajatos, with a drink on the side. (TV: The Long Game)

Kronkburgers were also eaten by soldiers of an alternate Roman Empire. Alien guards used the flame on Vesuvius' head to fry their kronkburgers. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Iron Legion)

The Doctor and Yaz discuss eating various foods, including Kronkburgers. (WC: A Message from Yaz)

The Thirteenth Doctor mentioned she was craving a kronkburger whilst looking for a restaurant on Gatan. (COMIC: The Warmonger) In conversation with Yaz Khan, she suggested they eat Chinese, Indian, or Kronkburgers. (WC: A message from Yaz)

A few centuries after the 20th century Thaddeus Nook offered to buy his girlfriend Jess and Slap-up kronkburger in celebration of their time tourism venture and later the Fourth Doctor and Leela also have kronkburgers. (AUDIO: The Tribulations of Thadeus Nook)