Kroagnon was a brilliant architect who created a number of projects around the Galaxy. But for all his brilliance, a lot of people didn't trust him, (PROSE: Paradise Towers) as he eventually became deranged and sought perfection for his work.

Kroagnon designed Golden Dream Park and the Bridge of Perpetual Motion, but his masterpiece was Miracle City. He was reluctant to finish the building and move out, unwilling to let the residents ruin his work by moving in and spoiling the beauty of his creation. He was eventually forced out but left behind booby traps that killed many of the residents. He fled to Earth and built Paradise Towers, but when he again tried to prevent people from living in his creation, his disembodied mind was exiled to the Towers' basement.

Kroagnon 2

Kroagnon in the Chief Caretaker's body. (TV: Paradise Towers)

The Chief Caretaker found him and took him to be "his pet". If ever someone in the Towers died, the Chief would have the cleaners take Kroagnon the body as food.

However, Kroagnon needed a body he could put his mind into, so he began using the cleaners to kill people and deliver him the bodies. This was noticed by the Chief who made a plea for him to stop, but Kroagnon simply replied that he was hungry. Kroagnon experimented with corporelectroscopy and had Cleaner 479 bring the Chief to him. He used the process to put his mind into the Chief so his body became Kroagnon's. He ordered his cleaners to gas each floor of Paradise Towers in turn so that all life within was wiped out. He took up office in the caretaker base.

The Seventh Doctor sent him a message, taunting him and criticising his work. Following this, Pex came to him and promised to take him to the Doctor. Kroagnon saw it as an opportunity for revenge and agreed. When they arrived, Kroagnon found it a trap, albeit one that was not complete. The Doctor attempted to push him down a lift shaft but wasn't strong enough. Kroagnon began throttling the Doctor and smashing his body against a wall. Pex took a stick of explosive and threw himself at Kroagnon. Both fell down the shaft and the resultant explosion killed them both. (TV: Paradise Towers)

In 2157, Adjudicator Bishop recalled dealing with the "messy consequences" of the Kroagnon affair, which was one of the highlights of his spotless record. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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