Dr Krisztina-Judit Németh - also known as Kayjay - was a 27th century human cryptoepidemiologist who became a Mal'akh shortly before her death. In the City of the Saved, she was a notable member of the Sons of Tepes.

First life Edit

In her youth, Németh was a fan of the boy band Voy“Sez”. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

In 2609, Németh gave a speech on the interspecies pathology of the Haemovorax pathogen at the conference on vampirology held on Murigen. During the conference, she was infected by Olena and transformed into a vampire. Bernice Summerfield, Imogen Tantry, and Lloyd Doihara killed Németh along with the other vampires created by Olena by exposing them to sunlight. (PROSE: Predating the Predators) Her final memory was seeing Antonio Finlay attack Olena. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

City of the Saved Edit

Despite only being infected for a few hours of her life, Németh retained her vampiric attributes when she was resurrected in the City of the Saved. (PROSE: Unification Theory) Because everyone in the City was invulnerable, Németh was unable to feast on the blood of others - leaving her perpetually hungry. She joined the Sons of Tepes. (PROSE: Unification Theory, Of the City of the Saved...)

In AF 291, shortly before the outbreak of the City of the Saved Civil War, Németh represented the Sons of Tepes at a masked ball held by Allisheer St Marx. (PROSE: Unification Theory) She wore a spider mask. (PROSE: Unification Theory, Of the City of the Saved...) Németh encountered Antonio Finlay, who asked for the Sons of Tepes to join a coalition which was being formed by Beatrix II in anticipation of the Civil War. (PROSE: Unification Theory)

During the Civil War, Németh became the Grand Dragon of the Sons of Tepes. Beatrix II met with Németh after an agent of the Sons infected Lucillius Urbanus Ignotus. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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